International Management (IB semester 4)

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15 per week

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Enjoy "International Management" at Fontys

The business environment is becoming more and more international. Competition is getting tougher and is increasingly coming from companies all over the world, consumer influence is on the rise, the sharing economy is emerging, the role of brick-and-mortar is changing, production is outsourced to companies in other countries to reduce costs, while political and economic developments make national borders less relevant than ever. Modern means of communication open up new possibilities to broaden the field of business and require companies to adapt their way of doing business and to be socially smart. These are just some of the developments that create new challenges and opportunities for young professionals who are preparing for a successful career in international business. Are you ready to face these challenges and seize these opportunities?

The aim of this programme is to empower you, in your role as a management consultant, to advise companies how to overcome these challenges and seize opportunities. The main emphasis is on subjects such as E-Marketing, Global Supply Chain Management, Financial Management and Management Accounting and Organisational Change and a Management Consulting project for a real company. Management consulting refers to the practice of helping organisations to improve their performance, primarily through a thorough analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. At an organisational level, there is a need to resolve complex problems. Working as a consultant requires a diverse set of skills, as well as knowledge and strategies to put tools and processes to best use. In this programme, you will learn how to become a successful consultant and develop the appropriate skills.

This International Management programme, taught in English, is offered in Eindhoven. Eindhoven and the surrounding area are known as the Brainport Region. We are delighted to be part of this region. Living and studying in this region offers you an excellent springboard for a successful career in International Business and Management. A few years ago, the American think tank ‘Intelligent Community Forum’ has described the Brainport Region as the ‘world’s smartest region’. Who does not want to be part of that?!

Programme format

This programme is a component (semester 4) of the bachelor programme “International Business (IB)” at Fontys School of Marketing and Management (FHMM) in Eindhoven. The total workload for this programme is 30 ECTS credits, duration is 1 semester. All courses have to be taken in order to achieve the full credits. It is not possible to combine courses from different programmes. This semester programme consists of eight subjects and a management consulting project. Prior knowledge of these subjects may be required. For a more detailed description of the courses including lecture planning, please download the course outlines here.

In short, the following courses have been defined:

1. Consultancy Project (6 ECTS)

During this project, you will work in a group of four to six students on a project in which you provide organisations with consultancy services. The organisations in question will be state-of-the-art organisations in the Brainport Region, operating in various business sectors. While executing this project, you will develop your ability to work according to plan, formulate milestones, control the progress and adjust planning if neccessary as well as your ability to advise management to take preferred actions, balancing active and reactive positions in the company. To equip you with the knowledge and skills to successfully execute the consultancy project, you will attend various workshops on consultancy skills.

2. Economics (3 ECTS)

In this subject you will be dealing with the theory and practice of international trade and financial markets.

3. Business Process Management 4 (3 ECTS)

Business Process Management 4 teaches you the necessary skills and techniques needed to operate as a so-called Lean Manufacturing Green Belt, how to apply the various tools and methodologies applicable at the Green Belt level and how to use the performance management tool Balanced Scorecard (BSC).

4. Financial Management (3 ECTS)

Financial Management and Management Accounting are different though related fields of study. They both aim to provide management with tools to enhance value for investors in the company they represent. In this context the focus of Financial Management is more external in nature and addresses the relation of the company and the financial markets vital for its funding. The focus of Management Accounting is more internal and deals with the process of collecting, modifying and analyzing information to aid decision making.

5. Business Communication 6 (2 ECTS)

During this course you will improve your command of English and prepare for future job applications.

6. E-Marketing (4 ECTS)

In this module you will work on several assignments that help you understand and apply basic search engine optimization tools to commercial B2B websites, understand and use Google Analytics and craft an executive level E-Marketing strategy presentation.

7. Sales Skills (2 ECTS)

After a short introduction on the essence of sales management, the most important aspects of sales management will be discussed: the planning of sales team efforts and the staffing and directing of a sales team.

8. Business Process Management 5 (3 ECTS)

This course improves your ability to identify the importance of organisational behaviour, describe the main techniques of organisational development and change and identify the key aspects of organisational learning and to advise business on how to improve.

9. Business Research 4 (3 ECTS)

In several lessons you will work on your ability to design a valid scientific research project, write, present and defend the associated research proposal and perform inferential statistics.

10.Career Skills 2 (1 ECTS)

In this subject you will learn about your (marketable) strengths, how to write a CV and how to interview/be interviewed.

Learning outcomes

After having completed this programme you will, among other, be able to consult result real businesses on a real problem. You will also be fully equipped to help companies improve their E-Marketing activities, optimize their supply chain and implement organisational change. Apart from that, your command of English will be greatly improved and you will be better able to present yourself to future employers and cooperate with people from different cultural backgrounds in an international environment.

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Target audience & Entry level

The level of this programme is advanced. To participate in this programme, students must have completed two years of study in International Business. In addition, well-developed cooperation and communication skills will be essential.

English language proficiency

Exchange students are expected to have a good command of English. Therefore, a minimum level of proficiency in the English language is required. Exchange students must substantiate their level of English-language proficiency by submitting evidence in the form of an original language certificate: IELTS (6.0), TOEFL iBT (80), TOEFL PBT (550) or similar certificate. For EU students we also accept a statement from the university on the student’s level of English (the minimum level is B2).

How to apply as an exchange student

Applications should always be submitted via the International Exchange (or Erasmus) Officer at the home university. This officer will send your application request (nomination) to Fontys. Once Fontys has accepted your nomination, your Fontys study department will send you a link to a web application called Mobility Online. Added to the link you will receive all necessary information. Please click here to see how it works.

Deadline for application

Spring semester 15 November

Academic dates study semester

Spring semester 10 February 2020 - 24 July 2020


Fontys can arrange accommodation for exchange students. Fontys does not have its own accommodation but acts as a mediator between the student and the housing agency. To apply for accommodation assistance through Fontys, you have to fill out an accommodation form in Mobility Online. You will reach the step for requesting accommodation when you follow the steps in your workflow. Make sure you reach the accommodation step before the deadline, because we will only be able to arrange accommodation if you fill out and upload the form in time. More detailed information (rental fees, quality standards of the accommodation, terms and conditions) can be found here.

NOTE: Before you submit the accommodation form in Mobility Online, make sure you have read all information on the website and on the form itself very carefully. Submitting the accommodation form is a binding contract and you will be obliged to accept and pay for the accommodation offered by Fontys.

Application deadlines for accommodation
Fall semester 15 June
Spring semester 8 December


You need to make sure that you are properly insured during your stay at Fontys. Every (exchange) student enrolled at Fontys is expected to have fulfilled his/her insurance obligations before arriving. Fontys cannot be held liable if a student does not have (sufficient) insurance cover. If you live in the Netherlands, you are obliged by law to have health insurance. The third party liability insurance cover (with global coverage of up to EUR 1,250,000) is strongly recommended, as well as the repatriation insurance cover. Please find more information about these insurances, the costs and an insurance checklist via the following links: 

If you do not require a visa and/or residence permit, you will be free to select the inexpensive insurance cover that we offer here, or to arrange your own insurance cover. This insurance is mandatory for students who require entry visas and/or residence permits. Fontys will arrange this insurance on your behalf, which will form a part of the immigration procedure. You will receive more information about this insurance and the payment during the visa process.

Visa and/or residence permit

Most exchange students from outside the EU need an entry visa and/or residence permit. Whether or not you need these documents, depends on your nationality, the duration of your stay and your purpose of stay. Fontys will apply for both your visa and/or residence permit. It is not possible to do this yourself. Please find more detailed information here. You will receive more information about the documents needed for the procedure as soon as you have finished all steps in Mobility Online. We recommend that you start the process early, as it may take some time for you to gather all of the required documents.

NOTE: We strongly advise you to not make any travel arrangements before you have the entry visa sticker (if applicable) in your passport!

Nuffic Certificate for Chinese students

All students with Chinese nationality are required to apply for a Nuffic Certificate themselves. We recommend you submit your application as early as possible, because this procedure may take up to two months. Students with a Hong Kong passport are exempted from this requirement. You can apply for a Nuffic certificate and read more information about it here.

Financial matters

Tuition fees

Exchange students from our partner universities do not have to pay tuition fees. They pay their regular fees to their home university. Fontys School of Marketing and Management does not accept freemovers.

Standard of living

The average living expenses per month for a foreign student in Holland are between € 900,- and € 1,100 per month. These living expenses cover rent, insurance, food, public transportation, books, clothing and other general costs. Costs within the first months upon arrival will be higher than all other months due to a housing deposit and books. Please note that the actual expenses will depend on your personal lifestyle. More information.

Visa and/or residence permit costs

The Dutch Immigration Service (IND) charges €323,-* for the visa and/or residence permit application (if applicable). Before we can apply for your visa and/or residence permit, we ask you to transfer this amount to our bank account. You will receive an invoice containing these costs and the payment procedure, as soon as you have finished all steps in Mobility Online. Besides this, the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) requires non-EU/EEA students to proof they have access to € 900,-* per month during their exchange period before they start their studies (living expenses). You will be informed about the exact amount and also about your options to proof you have adequate financial means during the visa and/or residence permit application procedure. More information.

*subject to change

Insurance costs

EU/EEA students who decided to select the insurance cover that we offer (and all non-EU/EEA students) will receive more information about the payment of the premium from the insurance company directly. More information.

Dutch bank account

Not all Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) accept bankcards from other countries and, due to occasional computer problems, you may not always be able to withdraw money from your bank account at home. Therefore, you might want to open a Dutch bank account during your exchange period at Fontys.

How will your course programme be recognised by your home university?

Fontys will provide you with a so-called ‘Transcript of Records’, which will clarify the results that you have achieved. Depending on your results, you will receive a maximum of 30 ECTS credits. ECTS credits are recognised throughout Europe. The agreement between your home university and Fontys University of Applied Sciences will usually include a condition whereby the credits that you obtain will be recognised and transferred into the records kept by your home university.

Contact person for information about the programme International Management:

Drs. Ewoud Jansen 

Fontys University of Applied Sciences
School of marketing and Management (FHMM)

Visiting address
Rachelsmolen 1 (Building R4, 3rd floor)
5612 MA Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Postal address
P.O. Box 347
5600 AH Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Drs. Ewoud Jansen

Fontys Campus Rachelsmolen (building R3/R4)

Rachelsmolen 1, Eindhoven

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