Employee professionalisation

As an employer Fontys has a lot to offer you. This starts with a simple, but important fact: humans are the starting point in the interpretation of work. We adopt blue sky thinking. Of course, you’ll be applying for a specific position, but how you fill it and what your work-life-balance will look like, is up to you.

Ambience photo Fontys

We educate students to be meaningful in tomorrow’s society. To devise solutions for our complex and ever-faster changing society. We encourage them to get the most out of themselves whilst simultaneously and freely linking up markets, cultures and companies. With that vision in mind we challenge you too, if you come and join us. We have an eye for talent and give you ample scope to shape your position in a way that works for you.

Develop yourself further

Which way you go depends on your ambitions. Do you want to become a professional? Are you returning to education? Are you promoting, or participating in, knowledge circles? Do you want to become a manager or coordinator? Are you looking for an interesting project to broaden your horizons? Would you like to follow a master's degree or perhaps combine your work with interesting projects in the world of business? It's all possible.

Practice what you teach

Under the motto 'practice what you teach', we challenge you to bring the best out of yourself. Wherever you end up at Fontys, you can always count on support in your talent development. This starts by talking to your manager and colleagues, but you can also contact our Career and Development Centre and various knowledge networks. We also wholeheartedly support education, training and workshops.