Citizen Sniffing Network

The project aims to produce 25 affordable wireless sensor modules that measure the following: particulate matter, temperature, relative humidity and air pressure. The modules will be modular, which will allow for particulate matter and any other relevant ‘living environment quality indicators’ to be registered reliably and in real time.

Project results

Development of measurement system:

  • Measurement unit for ‘living environment indicators’.
  • An IoT unit that is energy-efficient, programmed in microPython and to which various sensors can be connected using plug & play.

Development of network:

  • Establish a communication protocol that communicates over LoRa (KPN and TTN). Development of dashboard:
  • Client group-specific dashboards with indicators of the quality of the local living environment based on the existing FGTL Dashboard.
Project team

Marcel Roosen, Ralph Meiers (Centraal bureau Statistiek), Teus Hagen (behoud de Parel), Ruud Zanders (Kipster), Michiel Hovens (H&F Electronics), Monique van der Graag (Connecting Agri&Food), Joost Wesseling (RIVM).

Time frame

February 2020 till July 2020

Research group Agro-Mechatronics

Marcel Roosen

08850 78422

Project manager

Marcel Roosen

08850 78422


Centraal Bureau Statistiek, Behoud de Parel, Kipster, H&F Electronics, Connecting Agri&Food, RIVM