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Circular purchasing and more conscious consumption

If we don't want to exhaust the earth irreversibly and aim to further reduce the emission of CO2, then sustainability and circular purchasing should be the main priorities in the entire purchasing process by 2030. The roadmap focusing on the full embedding of sustainability within purchasing will be completed in 2023. The Fontys-wide sustainable purchasing policy will enable Fontys as semi-government to be a driving force in the transition towards a circular economy. The Netherlands aims to be circular in 2050, and Fontys wants to play a role in this. In 2030, we aim to focus entirely on conscious, sustainable choices of products and services in our purchasing process. This demands action. Because in circular purchasing, not only are the products purchased differently but the purchasing process itself differs from standard purchasing models. We will enter into a dialogue with suppliers about ambitions and feasibility. One thing is for sure: things are about to change here. Currently, we still consume almost three times as much as the earth can produce, which will also result in a shortage in raw materials in the near future. Fontys aims to consume less and not to regard waste products as waste but as raw materials of the future.