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Fontys participates in an experimental environment: Castlab

Close collaboration of the lectorates Business Service Innovation of FIBS and Smart Manufacturing of FENG

Today, for many large, mobile assets, like trains, the availability of replacement parts fall short. In recent decades, too little was invested in the future of Dutch infrastructure. As a result, trains, bridges, flood defenses and and so on may not be fail safe on an appropriate level. This may lead to economic damage and even dangerous situations.

For example, the moment that parts with a long lifespan become defective, bottlenecks arise, because the parts that are to be replaced are difficult to obtain and expensive. There is a challenge to come up with smart maintenance solutions for infrastructures.

In order to get to cost-efficient solutions, new paths need to be explored with the producers of crucial replacement parts. In the Castlab experimental environment, SMEs, large companies, knowledge institutions, like Fontys and end users, like Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) come together to create a cost-saving solution. Key solutions in this concept are: digital twins, digital warehousing, predictive maintenance, big data analysis and rule-based decision system (AI).

An import aspect relates to service business models to turn this approach into a profitable one for all stakeholders. Here is the focus of Business Service Innovation. It also focuses on issues related to IP and liability.

Smart Manufacturing in Eindhoven focuses on 3D scanning parts for reverse engineering purposes as well as quality control, and 3D printing metal parts.

For this challenging assignment there will be opportunities for graduation students. The project just started and runs until August 2021.

Did we arouse your interest? Or do you want to have more information about this challenging project? In case of FENG, contact ir. Rein van der Mast, FENG r.vandermast@fontys.nl

In case of FIBS, contact dr. Jean Louis Steevensz, FIBS  j.steevensz@fontys.nl

February 2020 Workshop with Castlab and Service Engineering Lab members

Business & Revenue Modeling for Castlab