Cooling of Electronics by Natural Convection

Cooling of electronics through passive liquid cooling based on natural convection.

Project results
  • Demonstrator of closed-loop cooling system with a cooling capacity of 75 to 100 Watt.
  • Design report and test report of the above.
  • Research results of the above based on water and nanofluids (Hydromx).
  • Design guidelines for optimal 3D-printed heat exchanger.
Project team

Jan van Schijndel, Marcel Dhaenens, Peter thune, Sjef van Gastel, Eric Rutjens.
Jorrit Spuibroek (student Fontys)
O. Puts ( Neways Electronics), H. Jansen (Prodrive Technologies), E. Lemmen (Prodrive Technologies), E. Lomoniva (TU/e)

Time frame

Febraury 2020 till July 2020

Research group Additive Manufacturing

Sjef van Gastel

08850 78566

Project manager

Sjef van Gastel

08850 78566


Neways Electronics, Prodrive Technologies & TU/e