Buildings and facilities

Will physical activities (get-togethers) be able to take place on site again starting June 1? (04-06-21)
For a gathering at a Fontys location not related to education, a maximum of 50 people may attend. The groups with which people come to the meeting may not be larger than 4 people, everyone has a reservation and a fixed seat and guests may not change seats. Social elements such as drinks are not allowed and a health check on entry is mandatory. In addition, of course, the basic rules still apply. The decision tree for meetings applicable from June 1 has been adjusted accordingly. This decision tree can be found at:

If the 'green' corona passport is there, can I be denied access to a building? (31-05-21)
There is national legislation that allows people without a 'green' corona passport to be denied access to buildings etc. What this means for (higher) education is being worked out nationally. Fontys is following this closely.

There is a lot of talk about ventilation and indoor climate in buildings? How is that regulated at Fontys? (19-05-21)
All locations have been tested on the proper functioning of the mechanical ventilation systems. The RIVM requires that (the ventilation system of) buildings comply with the Buildings Decree of the national government. The test of the ventilation systems at Fontys shows that we comply with this national building decree. Fontys therefore complies with the requirements set. Moreover, we have made arrangements for extra checks on our ventilation systems, which will be in continuous operation to ensure optimum air circulation.

As a student, can and may I reserve a space in the building again? (19-05-21)
Yes, provided the institute facilitates this and it is on the one day you are allowed to attend on location.

Do you have to make reservations to study on location and how do you do this? (19-05-21)
For the media centers, you need to make reservations in advance or on site. For other workplaces you can check this with your own institute because the possibilities differ per institute and of course only on the day that you are allowed to be present on location.

Will Fontys work with self-testing to gain access to its buildings? (30-04-21)
For questions and answers around ordering and using self-tests, see Q&A in the security section.

Are the media libraries open again as of 26 April? (30-04-21)
Yes, as of April 26 all media libraries are open again. You can go there to borrow and return study materials after the scheduled (lesson) times on location and to reserve a place for self-study (if possible in that particular media library). The opening hours have changed in many cases, current information of the libraries can be found on the website

On restricted access to buildings as of April 26, will I be going to Fontys once or more a week? (19-04-21)
If relaxed, we will strive, also from the standpoint of limiting travel, to travel to campus/location once per week per student. In this way, we will prevent you from traveling to Fontys multiple times per week for a limited number of hours, but there may be situations where this is not possible. If you come to the campus for practical education now, the extension comes on top of the times you already attend. Taking tests may also require traveling to campus several times a week.

Is Fontys redesigning buildings and possibly expanding wifi? (29-3-21)
Working from home, video calling and online education require a different layout of our buildings. Already more than 100 classrooms spread over the buildings are set up as hybrid classrooms. We are investigating whether there is sufficient wifi and power points in the new situation and we are looking at whether we can use the peoplefinder tool to provide insight into the physical and digital presence of students and staff in order to monitor that the maximum permitted number of people in the buildings is not exceeded.

Are there any changes to be expected in meeting and consultation rooms? (29-3-21)
From now on, meetings and conferences will also be blended, with some of the participants being physically present and others sitting elsewhere. This requires an adaptation of the facilities in the meeting and consultation rooms. The meeting and consultation rooms (4-8 people) in the buildings are now equipped with good cameras and microphones. Based on use and experience, these items will be included as a standard part of the layout of these rooms in the coming period.

Will there be catering in the buildings again? (29-3-21)
Coffee and vending machines are available in all buildings and pick up points have been set up. There may be a food truck on campus or limited local catering. New food and beverage concepts will be provided at the start of the new academic year, first of all on the larger campuses.

Is it true that practical education can again take place in the evening starting March 3? (24-02-21)
As of the 3rd of March there is an exemption from the curfew for students who follow practical education. With a personal statement and a statement from Fontys you can be on the streets after 9 pm to go home. You can download the personal statement from, you can request the model statement from Fontys from the business office.

If a book is not available digitally, can I still borrow it? (27-01-21)
Students and staff members can request books via e-mail if they are not available digitally. The requested books will be sent to your home address.

Can I access the library online? 27-01-21)
Yes you can, go to and use the search bar to search for online articles, e-books, e-journals, online videos etc. Or go to the page All databases and search directly in an online source, or the special page with E-books (this collection is temporarily expanded). The browser extension LibraryAccess brings the library into your browser and gives you extra tips on online information. Interlibrary loan (IBL) with external libraries also remains possible.

Can I return borrowed materials to the libraries? (27-01-21)
No, that is not possible. You can send borrowed materials to us free of charge. Depending on your nearest study place, please choose for:

Mediatheek Tilburg - Submitting materials, Antwoordnummer 454, 5000 VB Tilburg
Mediatheek Eindhoven - Submitting materials, Antwoordnummer 10069, 5600 VB Eindhoven
Mediatheek Venlo - Submitting materials, Antwoordnummer 1086, 5900 VB Venlo
Mediatheek Sittard - Materials to be deposited, Antwoordnummer 1040, 6130 VB Sittard

We ask you to package the materials carefully and to clearly state your name as the sender. We also ask that you mention the media library from which you borrowed the books.

Do exceptions that apply to vulnerable groups and practical education activities during this lockdown also apply during the period of the curfew? (21-01-21)
Unfortunately, no exceptions apply to (vulnerable) students and staff and participation in (practical) educational activities/exercises. (Vulnerable) students and staff are responsible for observing the curfew.

Can I come to a Fontys location for self-study or group work? (19-12-20)
Self-study or group work on location is not allowed. Vulnerable' students remain welcome. Discuss your request to come to a location with your student counsellor in advance. The student counsellor will decide whether you are eligible and will register you at the reception desk of the building you will be attending.

What does Fontys mean by a 'vulnerable' student? (19-12-20)
Students who are unable to study properly at home due to special personal circumstances or who are vulnerable for another reason. Contact your student counsellor to discuss the possibilities.

Can vulnerable students and staff be accommodated on site? (19-12-20)
In this phase of lockdown, vulnerable students and staff are still welcome on site after the study pathway counsellor or manager has assessed your personal situation, given you permission, and registered you with the reception desk of the building where you will be studying/working. Without registration you will not be granted access.

Are studios for recording webinars, for example, open from December, 16 to January, 17? (15-12-20)
The facilities that make online education possible (studios, etc.) will remain available.

Can I organize a team meeting at a Fontys location? (11-11-20)
An exception is made for team meetings of an urgent nature (team coaching, discussions about issues in the cooperation, division of labour, etc.) for which a longer delay is undesirable in the opinion of the team or manager. Your manager assesses your question and takes responsibility for the careful application of the guidelines.

May I use a room at a Fontys location for a complex discussion with a colleague? (11-11-20)
Individual complex bilateral calls that cannot be done properly online can be scheduled at the work location. Complex conversations include: performance interviews, job interviews, sickness and reintegration interviews or necessary personal contact with or supervision of employees.

Can training courses offered by Fontys take place at a Fontys location? (11-11-20)
If possible, training sessions will be postponed or offered online. Trainings for which postponement (until early 2021) is undesirable and for which no comparable online alternative can be designed, may exceptionally take place. The person responsible for the organization of the training determines whether or not postponement is desirable.

Are we looking at whether the spaces in Fontys buildings can be used even better? (02-11-20)
The scheduling processes are still being further optimized. In doing so, the previously set principles still apply: - maximum number of people present in a building remains unchanged - at least two start and end times - grid as spread out as possible - avoid starting time at 9 o'clock because of the use of public transport

What are the consequences for tests now that only 30 people are allowed to stay in a room? (21-10-20)
For educational activities there is no maximum number of attendees, tests are educational activities and therefore exempt from the maximum number. According to the guidelines, taking tests in large groups in rooms can and is allowed. In addition to the care and attention for the safety and health of our students, the prevention of study delay is an important starting point for Fontys. In order for the tests to take place according to the guidelines, attention is paid to the safety aspects so that a distance of one and a half meters can be used at all times. There will also be extra supervision on this.

I see that the walking routes are not respected in all buildings. What does Fontys do about this? (09-10-20)
Our buildings are corona-robbed and the walking routes have been determined to keep the spread of the virus as small as possible. However, this can differ slightly from building to building. Students and employees are regularly asked to follow the walking routes. So in your and our interest, please feel free to speak to someone who ignores the walking routes.

Working from home is the norm for the time being. Are there any exceptions? (30-04-21)
By limiting the number of contacts and transport movements, we contribute to the fight against the coronavirus. That is why working from home is once again the norm for employees. Teachers therefore only come to Fontys for teaching. Other employees are only allowed to come to Fontys for activities that really cannot take place at home or online. Exceptions can be discussed with your manager.

May I work together with colleagues outside Fontys? (01-10-20)
Fontys advises against meeting colleagues at home or at an external location to work together or to brainstorm.

Is it possible to study at a self-study location within Fontys? (01-10-20)
We analyze the schedules and in consultation with students we look at the possibilities for each location. Condition is of course that the one and a half meter guideline is respected.

How does Fontys take care of the hygiene in the buildings?
Disinfectants are available at the entrances, certain classrooms and the vending machines. In addition, we provide sufficient paper towels and soap on the toilets and extra cleaning of faucets and contact surfaces. Teaching staff are also provided with cleaning products to clean extra between each lesson or test. The workplaces are Corona-proof and are extra cleaned. With placemats you indicate whether a workplace is used and cleaning is desired or necessary. For any interim cleaning of desks, cleaning agents and disinfectants are provided.

To monitor how many people are in a building, I have to log in to Fontys wifi or Eduroam when I enter. What about my privacy?
For monitoring the total number of people, '2count dashboard' is used. For this you need to be logged in on Fontys wifi or Eduroam. When connected to an access point it will be reported in that central system. This data stream from the protected central network goes via a secure connection to the supplier of the 2Count dashboard. There, the data is anonymized and only numbers are written on the server. This means that when logging in, only 1 person is saved on the server: 1 person in building X. This cannot be traced back to the name of the person. This procedure has been coordinated with KPN, which works together with the supplier and our privacy officer. So there is no question of storing mac addresses or wifi tracking. Make sure you also have your Fontyspas with you so that you can identify yourself.

How do I know how many people I can stay in a room?
Calculations have been made based on the number of square meters and the RIVM guidelines. On the doors of the rooms there are signs made of writable foil that indicate the maximum number of people. We are counting on you to adhere to this as well.

Can I stay in a Fontys building before or after a practical lesson or test?
No, that is not allowed. Staying in a Fontys building is also not allowed at parking lots, bicycle parking places, entrances, corridors, front portals of toilets.

Does Fontys take into account the time it takes for groups to get in and out of the buildings?
Yes, the roster provides that no more than the maximum number of people are present in a building.

Does Fontys make protective equipment available when the buildings are partially open?
For the training courses for contact professions such as physiotherapy and nursing, it is difficult to handle one and a half meters. For these courses we use the national or industry guidelines. When test and protective equipment is required and/or recommended, Fontys makes it available to students and staff.

Can I go back to the copy shop? (17-9-20)
If you want to make use of the services of the copyshop (printing certificates, picking up exams, etc.) in Eindhoven or Venlo you can contact us by mail or phone: Eindhoven: or 08850-78611. The opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 10:00 - 14:00 hours. Venlo: or 06 - 21510290. The opening hours are Tuesday and Friday from 09:30 - 13:30 hrs. The Canon ordering portal is available 24/7.

Can I access the library online?
Yes you can, go to and use the search bar to search for online articles, e-books, e-journals, online videos etc. Or go to the All databases page and search directly in an online source, or the special page with E-books (this collection is temporarily extra extended). With the browser extension LibraryAccess you get the media library in your browser and get extra tips for online information. Information about the use of buildings and facilities around Corona will follow as soon as possible.

Can I return borrowed materials to the library and how do I do that?
Yes, media libraries are (limited) open again and can be returned on location. The current opening hours of the individual libraries can be found here. If you don't have the possibility to visit your Fontys location, you can send us borrowed materials at no cost. Depending on your nearest study location, you can choose Tilburg or Eindhoven:
Mediatheek Tilburg - Submit materials, Answering number 454, 5000 VB Tilburg or
Mediatheek Eindhoven - Hand in materials, Answering number 10069, 5600 VB Eindhoven.
We ask you to pack the materials carefully and clearly mention your own name as sender.

Who decides what can and cannot take place on location?
The building managers determine how many employees will have access to the buildings per day (in proportion to the number of students) and determine the priority that will be given to certain groups (employees, lecturers, first-year students, etc.). The maximum numbers per building and per space must not be exceeded and the government's motto is still: work at home as much as possible!