Buildings and facilities

How will Fontys deal with the August 30 loosening of one-and-a-half meters in higher education? (17-08-21)
The release of this measure means that the restrictions for teaching on location will largely disappear. However, a number of additional measures/policies will remain in place at least until September 20 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on campuses as much as possible. The wearing of mouth masks within all educational buildings remains mandatory when moving, for example between educational activities and during practical lessons, as well as the basic hygiene and health guidelines and the indicated walking routes to limit contacts between students when moving between educational activities as much as possible. Fontys ensures that rooms are regularly and properly ventilated. In doing so, we base ourselves on the prevailing recommendations of the RIVM. Translated with (free version)

As of August 30, can physical activities (meetings) take place on location again? (09-09-21)
Based on the relaxations announced on June 26, the Flowchart Meetings has been updated to a list of concerns. You can find Flowchart Meetings June 26 here:

Are fans allowed in the classrooms? (21-06-21)
We understand that it can be warm, but recommend - on the advice of the RIVM - not to use table fans.

There is a lot of talk about ventilation and indoor climate in buildings? How is that regulated at Fontys? (19-05-21)
All locations have been tested on the proper functioning of the mechanical ventilation systems. The RIVM requires that (the ventilation system of) buildings comply with the Buildings Decree of the national government. The test of the ventilation systems at Fontys shows that we comply with this national building decree. Fontys therefore complies with the requirements set. Moreover, we have made arrangements for extra checks on our ventilation systems, which will be in continuous operation to ensure optimum air circulation.

As a student, can and may I reserve a space in the building again? (09-09-21)
Yes, provided the institute facilitates.

Do you have to make reservations to study on location and how do you do this? (09-09-21)
For the media centers, you need to make reservations in advance or on site. For other workplaces you can check this with your own institute because the possibilities differ per institute.

Will Fontys work with self-testing to gain access to its buildings? (30-04-21)
For questions and answers around ordering and using self-tests, see Q&A in the security section.

I see that the walking routes are not respected in all buildings. What does Fontys do about this? (09-10-20)
Our buildings are corona-robbed and the walking routes have been determined to keep the spread of the virus as small as possible. However, this can differ slightly from building to building. Students and employees are regularly asked to follow the walking routes. So in your and our interest, please feel free to speak to someone who ignores the walking routes.

How does Fontys take care of the hygiene in the buildings?
Disinfectants are available at the entrances, certain classrooms and the vending machines. In addition, we provide sufficient paper towels and soap on the toilets and extra cleaning of faucets and contact surfaces. Teaching staff are also provided with cleaning products to clean extra between each lesson or test. The workplaces are Corona-proof and are extra cleaned. With placemats you indicate whether a workplace is used and cleaning is desired or necessary. For any interim cleaning of desks, cleaning agents and disinfectants are provided.