Biological control systems: Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a symbiotic method of cultivating food which combines conventional aquaculture (aquatic animal breeding, i.e. fish etc.) with hydroponics (aquatic plant breeding). This combination allows for a sustainable production of proteins and vegetables. Optimising production is challenging, as we do not yet know the effects of many components on the quality and quantity of the end product.

Project results

In aquaponics systems, there is a connection between the growth rate and the quality of the vegetables. This connection is being mapped out so it can be used as a setting parameter for the control system.

The direct questions came from Duurzame Kost:

Project team

Urs Wyder, Ernst de Reeder, Jos Hakkenes (Duurzame Kost) en dr. O. Haenen (HAN/WUR)

Time frame

February through July 2020

Lectorate Applied Natural Sciences

Jan Bernhards

08850 74280

Project manager

Urs Wyder

08850 84539


Wageningen University & Research, Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen & Duurzame Kost.