Creative Mind Scholarship

Each year Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (ACI) awards a limited number of scholarships to new students from countries other than those of the European Economic Area (= EEA) . The ACI Creative Mind Scholarship is € 3,000.

    To be eligible for the ACI Creative Mind Scholarship you have to meet the following criteria:

    • you have to have a creative mind and focus
    • you do not have the financial means to pay the current tuition fees of € 6,500 a year
    • you have to be enrolled as a regular student for one of ACI’s study programmes

    An ACI Creative Mind Scholarship is granted for a study programme’s first academic year. Whether or not you will receive the Creative Mind Scholarship for your second, third and fourth academic year depends on your study success and personal development. You need to obtain your Propaedeutic diploma at the end of the first year, you cannot have any study delay and your coach must recommend you for a follow-up Scholarship. 

    Whether or not you will be awarded a scholarship depends on your motivation, your interests and in case of the Creative Mind Scholarship your financial situation. 

    Creative Mind & Focus 
    The Creative Industry has attracted your attention. Tell us why and convince us that you and we are the perfect match. What does creativity actually mean to you? Who or what inspires you? What’s the Creative Industry like in your home country? We would love to get to know you a little better and we are very curious about you. You decide in what way you’d like to convince us of your creative mind & focus. There are only two rules, keep it short and sweet and make sure it is accessible online. No longer than two minutes or one A4.

    Lack of financial means 
    Your financial position is such that, if you do not receive the scholarship, you will be unable to study at Fontys ACI. Your application will be judged according to the criteria mentioned above. You must provide evidence that backs up the financial reasons why you are applying for this Scholarship, i.e.: that without a partial refund of the Institute’s tuition fees, it would be financially impossible for you to study at Fontys ACI. An example of such evidence would involve proof that your monthly allowance is lower than the minimum amount provided by Dutch social security. You can only receive this refund if you have not received any other Scholarships and are committed to completing the course in question. To be concrete, make an overview of your financial situation and support this with documents that proof your statements. 

    Application deadline
    The application deadline is May 1. An assessment committee will examine your application and decide whether or not you will receive a scholarship. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at