Students about this programme

Testimonial Thijmen van Gompel

I believe that urbanism is valuable for the future of humanity and our relationship with the environment. A unique profession which needs to be practiced and taught with great attention and awareness. The Academy of Architecture and Urbanism of Tilburg offers a distinctive program to which ‘you’ and the profession are central. The personal approach, the international setting and the exceptional combination of work and study is what makes this program distinctive. By working as a professional in practice and simultaneously gaining (theoretical) knowledge within thea cademy, you will experience not only the accelerating benefits of this interaction but also a strong emphasis on self-development. This self-development is important in a profession where personality, creative thinking, persuasiveness, design skills, and spatial insight will make you a professional. Within a period of four years you learn to make design choices on various scale levels and become aware of your own development and achieving the ambitions you have. In addition, experimentation is an important starting point within the assignments, by means of which you determine your own route and work from your fascination.

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Testimonial Aracelis Zárraga

Looking for a master degree is never an easy task, but when the master offers a dual combination program: study and work, it sounds like a great opportunity for your future to develop yourself and broaden your horizons. Well that was my case. I’m a Venezuelan architect and I was looking to build my professional career abroad and the program from the Master of Urbanism was everything that I was looking for. It’s a four year track, working in urban or architectural offices while you are studying at the academy with several courses, workshops, lectures and field trips with inspiring people from different backgrounds. But with the same goal sharing knowledge and being better professionals in our fields. This dual combination gives you the advantage to: understand what your role as a designer is; challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone; test and apply your knowledge at the academy and office in order to find the link in between; and create/build your own professional network. This is possible because the academy is a small community, where you get to know each other, it is just a “gezellig” environment. No one knows about what the future can hold, but definitely the experiences, challenges and the reflections learnt during those years at the academy, office and life in general in The Netherlands are part of my valuable memories.

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