Master Class Teresina 2019

Women for Climate - Empowerment of Women for Climate Action in Teresina - Brazil

“Women leaders played a critical role in negotiating the Paris Agreement and continue to drive ambitious climate action in cities, businesses, and NGOs around the world. Women make up more than half the world’s population and are often disproportionately impacted by climate change.
Their leadership and participation are therefore critical in solving this global crisis”
[Women4Climate, C40]

Women For Climate is a global movement to address climate change by empowering women. It aims to inspire leaders, influence decisions, foster innovation, and raise awareness of critical urban issues by encouraging research and action at the interface between gender, cities and climate change. While this phenomenon is gaining momentum in developed countries, women’s leadership for climate action is not yet at the center of discussions on urban resilience in developing countries. The first step to develop gender-sensitive urban climate policies is to raise awareness on the problem of climate change, as well as to potential solutions. Within this framework, we approach the Stadslab Master Class 2019 as a chance to draw global and local attention to the vulnerability of Teresina to climate change. Together, we aim to highlight that is possible to diversify and strengthen climate action with particular attention to three female vulnerable groups, located in the same geographical area. These women’s livelihoods depend on activities that take place in the North Lagoons Region, a flood-prone area and one of the most vulnerable to climate change in the city. Also, the surrounding lagoons are susceptible to landslides and densely occupied by informal housing, representing a risk for the inhabitants.

Master Class (October 13th - 18th, 2019)
The aim of Stadslab Master Class 2019 is to research and analyze the challenges that girls and women from this vulnerable community of Teresina face in a context of extreme hot weather and deep socio-economic disparities, where gender inequality is constantly reinforced by behavioral and cultural patterns. During the workshop, the participants will be using ‘bottom up’ and ‘hands on’ approach to research and design, which includes working tightly with the actual inhabitants of the neighborhood. This type of approach aims to create a close relationship and trust between young architects, professionals, and the local community. We envision Stadslab Master Class Teresina as a cheerful 5-day workshop that brings people and ideas together, connecting local and international professionals in the field of urban planning or related areas and inspiring them by facilitating knowledge sharing. As the workshop participants, Teresina as a whole will benefit from this experience, that will create an innovation-friendly setting where new solutions can flourish. The Master Class will be supervised by Pepijn Verpaalen (Head of Urbanism of the Fonts Academy of Architecture+Urbanism at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts) with the support from Agenda Teresina 2030 team (Municipality of Teresina) and a group of urban planner professors and students from local universities. The workshop is being executed with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Brazil. Participation in the Master Class is free and consists of the full workshop program with lectures, field trips, and studio work. Included are also a welcome dinner and closing drinks. Not included are travel costs, accommodation, (other) meals, visa and insurance, and other expenses. Free accommodation in a local person’s home is a possibility that must be discussed between the participant and the local organizing team.

Potential applicants can apply by sending a completed application form (attached) and a motivation letter to before September 30 2019 . Applications will be selected based upon the CV and motivation letter and order of submissions. We strive to have a balanced mix of Brazilian and international participants and different disciplinary backgrounds in the team. We also target for an even split between genders. Applicants will be notified before October 4 2019 about the status of their application.