Concurrent education

Educating designers with a relevant set of powerful skills, applicable knowledge and a fundamental collaborative attitude is at the core of our curriculum. A unique aspect of the program is that it is taught in a ‘concurrent’ way, combining studio work and courses with a relevant professional practice during the Master study. This concurrent education offers students experience and education beyond the school curriculum, essential to his professional formation as architects or urban designers. Students are required to find a job in a design firm and work minimum 20 hours a week. Progress will be evaluated through a series of portfolio assessments. If students are unable to find a suitable position in an architectural firm or urban design practice, the Academy will offer alternative practice research studios, where students can engage in practical work for a diverse range of clients. Students graduating in the Master Architecture or Master Urbanism programme are eligible for registration at the Dutch Licensing Board for Architects and urban designers.

(Source: Bureau Architectenregister)