Master of Urbanism

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48 months
Master of Science
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Programme in brief

The urban designer's core competence is the ability to design spatial conditions facilitating diverse and dynamic urban programmes and urban conditions with respect for the social, ecological and economic values of the site and society. A specific competence of urban designers is the ability to switch easily between the different scales and to strategically reconcile the conflicting needs that may arise at those different scales. This requires great social and political sensibility as well as well-developed communication and collaboration skills.

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What to expect from us

The educational concept of this Master program is unique; education in concurrency with employment in a professional practice. This concurrent education offers students experience and education beyond the school curriculum, essential to their professional formation as urban designers. Additionally, the Academy itself is a laboratory for spatial assignments from real stakeholders. Our tutors are professionals from a variety of disciplines, but all with a strong relation to practice.

The Design Studio is the heart of the master program. In the studio students are trained to apply all kinds of skills and methods towards ever more convincing design proposals for complex spatial problems. The studio assignments are invariably related to the complexity of contemporary societies and will engage social, cultural, political, economic and technological parameters.

How to apply

What do we expect from you

Students are required to find a job in a design firm and work minimum 20 hours a week. Progress will be evaluated through a series of portfolio assessments. If you are unable to find a suitable position in an architectural firm or urban design practice, the Academy will offer alternative practice research studios, where you can engage in practical work for a diverse range of clients.

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