Vocal Leadership


Merel Martens
Jesper Holm
Marlou Vriens

Audition guidelines

When you receive your invitation for the audition, we will ask you to submit a personal development plan, in which you outline your plans for the upcoming years of study.

The audition consists of a 45 minute programme, including:
• a video of your work with a vocal ensemble
• rehearsal with a vocal group provided by Fontys
• set assignment, sent to you before the audition

The audition is followed by an interview with the audition committee.


Study activities for your major will consist of: 
• individual and group lessons
• independent study
• concerts, projects and ensemble activities
• lessons and masterclasses from your personal budget

About Vocal Leadership

The curriculum consists of lessons in voice theory, practical vocal technique, arranging, ear training, general vocal leadership, Move&Groove, and working with your own choir.

International collaboration

Through a high speed digital video connection, a number of classes will be simultaneously conducted in Tilburg and Denmark, giving vocal leadership a contemporary and international quality. 

Central concepts: the Intelligent choir and the organic choir

The program is based on two central concepts: the intelligent choir and the organic choir. The Intelligent Choir is a concept invented by Jim Daus Hjernøe, choir professor at The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark. The Intelligent Choir refers to his philosophy of educating conductors of vocal music to allow and inspire ensemble singers to be co-responsible in the musical process. The basic principle of his ideology is to prepare singers to shape the intended music in the most efficient way. The Intelligent Choir is the opposite of an un-reflected choir that receives all information about the music from their conductor. And the goal is to create a group of singers that are able to inform the musical process.

Peder Karlsson, founding member of the Real Group from Sweden, developed the concept of The Organic Choir together with Merel Martens from Holland. The methodology is based on rotated leadership and fun. This way, the choir members have an active role in determining the identity of the choir and they can express their vision. When working with The Organic Choir, it’s important to have fun and to move – the most important reason for making music.


You will perform in the following recitals and exams in order to complete work on your major:
• recital 1 at the end of the first year of the Master (45 minutes)
• final recital at the end of the second year of the Master (60 minutes)

Learn more?

Are you interested in the methodology of The Intelligent Choir and The Organic Choir, and do you want to have more input to develop your skills, get individual feedback and get inspired? Get in touch with Merel Martens from the Vocal Leadership program (vocalleadership@codarts.nl) or with the Master of Music Office (fhkmom@fontys.nl)