Post Master’s Certificate in Ensemble Performance

The Fontys Post Master’s Certificate in Ensemble Performance is a one-year postgraduate program designed for young professional ensembles to develop their careers under the guidance of world renown ensembles in residence. 

The purpose of the program is to give ensembles the opportunity to bring their ensemble to the next level in terms of professionalism and artistic outlook. During the program, the ensemble will work together intensively and collect the necessary artistic guidance to successfully launch an ensemble career.

  • Ensembles in residence
  • Curriculum

    The core components of the program are ensemble coaching, individual lessons and being embedded with the ensemble.

    Ensemble coaching

    You will intensive lessons with the ensemble you are working with. This gives your ensemble the opportunity to further develop your ensemble at a professional level.

    Individual lessons

    Your ensemble benefits from individual members that are continually learning, innovating, and improving their instrumental skills. To this end, all students also follow individual lessons, using the facilities of Fontys.

    Embedded with the ensemble

    As a group, you will be embedded with the ensemble in residence. You can visit concerts of the ensemble, interact with organizers of the ensemble’s concerts, and visit the ensemble when recording in the studio. The program gives young ensembles the chance to work in unusual places and work with the ensemble in residence in authentic environment.

  • Admission

    Admission to the program is based upon the following criteria: 
    • Completion of a Master of Music degree of the majority of the ensemble members
    • A successfully completed entrance audition to the program
    • An approved study plan

  • Graduation

    Graduation is scheduled after a year of study. Graduation consists of a graduation concert in which the student ensemble performs together with the ensemble in residence.

  • Timeline

    The Post-Master program starts in March 2018. The program will run for one year, until March 2019

  • Tuition

    Tuition is €1500 per post-master student for the one-year program.

  • Apply

    You can apply for the program by completing the Application Form and sending it to

    Are you interested in completing a Post-Master program? Just get in touch with the Master of Music Office (