Music Theater


Edward Hoepelman
Harry Ruijl
Ingrid Zeegers
Ivar Costenoble
Katrien Verheijden
Peggy Hegeman
Marc Krone

Audition guidelines

When you receive your invitation for the audition, we will ask you to submit a personal development plan, in which you outline your plans for the upcoming years of study.

The audition consists of a 20-30 minute programme, consisting of 3 songs + 1 monologue. The songs have to meet the following criteria: 
• 1 up-tempo song
• 1 ballad
• 2 different languages of which 1 in your native language

The audition is followed by an interview with the audition committee.


Study activities for your major will consist of: 
• individual and group lessons
• independent study
• concerts, projects and ensemble activities
• lessons and masterclasses from your personal budget


You will perform in the following recitals and exams in order to complete work on your major:
• recital 1 at the end of the first year of the Master (45 minutes)
• final recital at the end of the second year of the Master (60 minutes)