Meet the alumni

Cameron Millar (Australia)

Australian saxophonist Cameron Millar came all the way from Brisbane where he completed his bachelor’s studies. ‘One of my biggest inspirations as a saxophonist are the world renowned Raschèr Saxophone Quartet. After taking a course with them in Germany I was looking for a way to combine further study with the members of this group with a Master’s degree. This lead me to Tilburg. The result was that I could study with one of the members of the quartet Andreas van Zoelen as my teacher while attending international masterclasses and lessons with his Raschèr-colleagues. I don't believe this would have been possible with any other Masters programme, so I think that makes it very special indeed! The Master of Music has helped me in a number of ways, most importantly through the improvement of my entrepreneurial and networking skills. I now have more confidence in following new ideas through to completion and I also have developed a better sense of how to better navigate the business side of music’.

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Mascha van Nieuwkerk (The Netherlands)

After her studies Bachelor Classical Cello at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, cellist Masha van Nieuwkerk wanted to continue to evolve as widely as possible. ‘Not only did I want to enhance my techniques as a cellist, I also wanted to improve my skills as a music arranger, to elevate my stage presence, and to perform research into fusion genres and disciplines. The programme in Tilburg appealed to me strongly.”
Masha has experienced many highlights in the last few years. ‘I got the opportunity to participate in two big musical theatre productions by Orkater. I have given great concerts with my own ensemble Fuse, and, as a member of the regular house band, I am involved in the classical TV-programme ‘Podium Witteman”, broadcast by NTR. This Master of Music course contributed strongly to me being able to cope with these challenges, because during classes I was given the opportunity to make preparations for my work in the professional field of activity. The teachers I worked with were sounding boards for my ideas and plans. Without a doubt, this has been of crucial importance for my development and the way my career has evolved’.

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