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Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts is a dynamic institute with 16 different study programs, divided over four faculties: Music, Dance, Theatre and Fine Arts. One of Fontys’ core values is to offer professional education that matches students’ needs. Even among our study programs, there are only few that go as far as our Master of Music does; with the help of your personal budget, you make decisions about your studies based on your future career plans. With this liberty comes responsibility though. At our institute we expect students to be highly self- supportive and capable of managing all tasks that apply to a fulltime Master of Music study.

In our additional program we aim to offer you courses that will not only help you in developing your musical skills, but also educate you in abilities a contemporary artist needs in a rapidly evolving artistic landscape. The research and personal and professional development program are designed for this education and we hope you will be able to connect these courses to your artistic plan. In this way, your performance exam will not only be a wonderful artefact, but this also will have a strong contextual basis supporting it.

In the course info below you can find all details about the program 2020-2021.

Course Info 2020-2021