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Photographer: Ingrid Westendorp-van Oeteren Photographer: Ingrid Westendorp-van Oeteren

Testimonial Jolijn van den Berg

The Master’s degree programme offers me the depth I was looking for after my Urban Design study at the NHTV in Breda.
The academic level of thinking and, especially, the broadening and deepening that I experience by working together with people of different backgrounds and with different perspectives, is very inspiring.
There are many things going on in the field, and no-one knows exactly where we are heading. It is clear though that things have changed compared to ten years ago. The transformation of the role of an urban designer or architect makes the profession uncertain. On the other hand, this situation also offers many openings and opportunities in developments and progress, which seemed impossible earlier.
It is possible to make the most of these opportunities within the study programme in Tilburg. Because of the small-scale set-up, there is a pleasant, informal atmosphere and everyone knows each other. This makes it possible to adjust the curriculum to the personal needs and requirements of each student. Several opportunities abroad crossed my path. The department has many contacts abroad, and the switch-over to an English-language programme even offers more opportunities as regards the internationalisation of the study programme. Perhaps my future lies abroad, who knows. There are many developments going on abroad, and we can make a valuable contribution with our knowledge of design and planning.