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Our team is here for you to help you with your choice of study. You can ask your questions by whatsapp or by e-mail. Our program coordinator Ulla Havenga is happy to answer your questions.

Re-create Public Space

The Master PPS offers you an enriching & flexible learning environment, which directly relates to your current artistic work in public space. The teaching methods, which are based on the principles of Social Transformative Learning, are designed to be highly adaptable. Individual coaching, paired with 24/7 access to the online learning platform, together with on-site bootcamps held in Tilburg, the Netherlands, will make you part of a creative international community.

We encourage critical thinking artists from diverse backgrounds that are currently developing artistic work in public space to co-investigate intervention practices through the blended learning programme.

Applicants are asked to apply with their individual project proposals.

Contact us to discuss your project idea!

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Contact Ulla Havenga, The Netherlands, program coordinator

Available on weekdays for whatsapp and by e-mail.

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