What does it mean to perform public space?

Located in the heart of Tilburg, the Netherlands, Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts is dedicated to the study and investigation of cultural developments of all kinds, and to understanding how they can produce meaningful change within our shared spaces. Out of this awareness, the brand new Master program called Performing Public Space was born.

In a time in which political and social structures are re-considered heavily, PPS offers a flexible and innovative environment to artistically question, redefine and reclaim public space in its broadest sense. Combining an interdisciplinary range of approaches including critical theory and other modes of analysis, with an equally diverse range of research methods, PPS offers creatives the opportunity to explore the world-making power of producing work in public space.

What you will learn

  • Develop skills in artistic (practice-based) research
  • Expand knowledge on all forms of art in public space
  • Co-create with other (art) disciplines

New Research Lectureship Art and Society

The Master Performing Public Space will be connected to a new lectureship founded on contemporary educational principles, provocative theoretic frames, with focus on applied research and by interdisciplinary work methods.

We believe, that applied research is an important accelerator in the collaboration with government and society. Therefore, research will provide master students a more academic and interdisciplinary base for their interventions and the ability to connect across disciplines, also with other master studies of FHK.

International Community

PPS invites international creatives with a background in theatre, dance, music, fine arts, architecture, digital arts and graphic design to join this program. Diverse, talented students will follow a leading-edge, 21st‑century interdisciplinary approach to producing artistic work in public space. This program focuses strongly on building an international learning environment based on a like-minded and ambitious group of creatives seeking to strengthen their international arts network.

An experienced team of teachers, collaborating artists and creative partner will provide the necessary cross-disciplinary support and guidance in order to ensure sustainable artistic progress.

  • FHK Context

    Interdisciplinary institute

    Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts (FHK) is an interdisciplinary institute representing different artistic domains by several Bachelor and Master programs: Theatre, Dance, Music and Digital Art. For FHK it is important to approach art not only in terms of products, but also in a process-based perspective focussing on social engagement (rather than aesthetics). This is facilitated by curriculum designs founded on a collective theme or project assignment rather than an established artistic practice, in this master it contains performing in the public space in the broadest sense of the word.

    This new Master initiative grew from the desire to transform the education in 2020 adapting to 21st Century skillsets in future careers. FHK gives shape to social involvement by education in co-creation and with a hybrid work field.