Program Format

Program Format

PPS combines highly adaptable teaching methods, which are based on the principles of Social Transformative Learning.

  • The online learning environment (distance learning) offers students a 24/7 platform for intensive research and creative dialogue with their peers and mentors throughout the program.
  • The on-site bootcamp education weeks provide the necessary setting and hands-on approach to investigate, develop and test work in the field - the public space.


The master course will take 12 months (1 year), full-time (60 ects). Approximately 20h theory and assignments, 20h individual project development.


Performing Public Space will start on Monday 24 August 2020.


On-site and online project coaching.


Bootcamps are intensive education weeks on-site in Tilburg (the Netherlands). The attendance of every student is manditory. (Each Bootcamp is 40h+ for two weeks).

Every bootcamp week consists of a set of the following classes:

Theory Lab, Co-creative Lab, Urban Safari, Field Trip, Mirror Salon / design thinking, Case Study and Best Practice Dialogues. For class descriptions, please visit the Bootcamp page.

Bootcamp dates 2019/2020

Week 40 and 41: Monday, September 30 - Saturday, October 12
Week 2 and 3: Monday, January 6 – Saturday, January 18
Week 20 and 21: Monday, May 11 – Saturday, May 23


The Master Performing Public Space is conducted in English. Foreign students are required to prove English proficiency at IELTS level 6.0

Course location

PPS is a fulltime distance learning program, containing a total of six weeks on-site training in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

  • Participants

    What do we expect from you?


    Are you a Critical Thinker?
    We are looking for goal-oriented creatives that are currently developing artistic work in public space. We encourage creatives who work independently, but are willing to communicate in dialogue and sharing sessions. Students will be asked to reflect on their individual works in progress, and to co-investigate intervention practices in public space throughout the program.

    Are you disciplined, able to manage your own work in progress?
    Do you take ownership in your individual learning environment and are you open to new forms of educational methods?

    If you are open to questioning your own work processes and have the intention to increase engagement and impact in public space - join us in exploring boundaries and social territories.

    Strengthen your art career

    Under the mentorship of creative leaders, distinguished visiting artists and scholars, students share their innovative voices and will build distinctive, successful careers.

    We develop the kind of artists who use their voices, their works and their research to enlighten, engage and inspire change for better understanding in our world.

  • Bootcamps
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    Every Bootcamp Week consists of a set of the following classes:

    Theory LAB: A collection of lectures given by guest lecturers like artists specialized in working in public space and theorists that can contribute to the conceptual, intellectual and practical context of making art in public space.

    Co-Creative LAB: A group activity in public space. Different assignments will be practiced and researched in the field. Students will collaborate with each other in order to find solutions to instant problems.

    Urban Safari: The students will visit the outcome of the LAB session in public space.

    Field Trip: An organized trip that supports the theoretic investigation.

    Mirror Salon / design thinking: Brainstorming and designing problem-based assignments. The outcome will be implemented into the student’s project development.

    Case Study: Students learn from each other’s practices, by introducing, sharing and solving their individual challenges.

    Best Practice Dialogues: Talks with invited artists about their artistic practices, paired with a relevant literature study.

    Wrap-up: Activities and assignments are being finalized and evaluated.

    Food for Thought: Bootcamp Farewell Brunch

  • Learning Community

    What to expect from us?

    Innovative online / on-site program

    PPS offers you an enriching & flexible learning environment, which directly relates to your current artistic work in public space. The teaching methods, which are based on the principles of Social Transformative Learning, are designed to be highly adaptable. Individual coaching, paired with 24/7 access to the online learning platform, together with on-site bootcamps held in Tilburg, the Netherlands, will make you part of a creative international community.

    The online learning platform will provide you with learning and research materials, an e-mail service, the ability to up- and download documents and share videos. You will be able to access a forum space in order to post questions, start discussions and interact with your peers and mentors.

    PPS Online Learning Environment powered by Projectcampus

    PPS focuses strongly on building an international learning environment based on a like-minded and ambitious group of creatives seeking to strengthen their international arts network.