About the course

COMMA: Co-creation of Movement Masters of Arts

Vision: a comma both divides and connects the flow of a thought, it offers space for alternatives and what occurs after the comma often enriches what came before it.

This part time 2 year innovative Joint Degree Master Choreography is run jointly by Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam and Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. The programme is designed to support experienced movement makers from a variety of fields while they carry out research into questions initiating from their current practice. The course occurs within a learning environment that exposes students to a broad range of approaches, movement disciplines and creative domains while supporting them in retaining connections with their own working field. Students are co-creators of the course and will be responsible for shaping the content of particular assignments and for creating a productive learning cohort with their peers. The course is carried out in 2 week intensives that take place 3 times a year at either the campus of Codarts in Rotterdam or Fontys in Tilburg, both of which have full dance, theoretical and circus facilities.

Year 1

Year 1 has an internally directed focus as students are guided by teachers, coaches and guest teachers in developing their approach to the following:

  • The potential trajectories and outcomes of artistic research.
  • Taking a critical perspective on their own practices and disciplines with particular emphasis on the potential of co-creation.
  • Testing potential questions, thinking creatively about modes of communication and generating movement based responses.
  • Engaging with current theoretical, technological and design based perspectives.
  • Entering into a productive discourse about their work.

Year 2

Year 2 has an externally directed focus and students test the acquired knowledge while learning about, and creating generative responses to, alternative working contexts. At the end of the program the student will produce a final work that will be presented in a public context and a supporting thesis that documents their research process and places it within an appropriate theoretical or artistic context.

Emphasis in Year 2 is placed on:

  • The ability to engage in wider discourses.
  • Gaining an enriched knowledge of contexts beyond their own discipline and the challenges, strategies and potential of creative work within those contexts.
  • Developing a repertoire of individual creative strategies and the ability to reflect on and generate ‘choreography’ related to these strategies.

After Graduation

The graduated student will have gained new ways of approaching and communicating their creative practice and will have done this in a way that opens doors in the academic, educational and creative domains. They will have become a creative movement expert that can work with anyone, anywhere, anytime: an investment in themselves and their careers.