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    Logistics study programmes at Fontys Venlo

    Studying logistics means more than just transport, planning and ware-housing. Following a logistics study programme means you can use the skills you learn to improve the world:

    • How do you prevent overproduction? And if there's any overproduction, how do you make sure most of it doesn't get destroyed?
    • In what way can you reduce the amount of kilometres that's being driven in the entire logistics sector?
    • How do you set up a 'sharing economy'? Do we need to possess everything or can we create networks to easily share products?
    • How can we use 3D printing to make supply chains more sustainable? And can we use on demand printing to prevent products from becoming overdue or simply not needed anymore?
    • Come up with smart ways to decrease the volume of packages, like our students did. This also helps in bringing back the amount of CO2 emissions.

    With a logistics study programme there are many ways to make the world a better place. Discover it for yourself!

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    Venlo, logistics hotspot in the Netherlands

    Logistics is Venlo. Multiple years in a row the city has been named logistics hotspot in the Netherlands and even of Europe. Despite not getting the title the last time, logistics is still of great importance in this region. You can clearly feel and see that everywhere.

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    Venlo: logistics hotspot in the Netherlands

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    Now happening: a major achievement in logistics

    The logistics sector and closely related transport sector always prioritise speed and efficiency. “But during the coronacrisis, these are crucial sectors that supply hospitals, drugstores, and supermarkets. They are especially crucial when people hoard as a result of the drastic measures that are taken to slow down the virus.”

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