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Field of interest: ICT

We can’t imagine a life without ICT anymore. It’s an indispensable part of our daily life: smart phones, games, how we listen to music, cars, in every company ICT is integrated in the main process and it even ensures that doctors can do their work in hospitals. Our modern world runs on ICT!

The development of information and communication technologies (ICT) never stops. Not a day goes by without new developments and daily challenges that call for an electronic solution.

That calls for a bachelor programme that actively is involved in innovations. At Fontys we offer several programmes. In Eindhoven and Tilburg we provide one broad Bachelor's programme: HBO-ICT. This programme has up to 5 profiles (Software Engineering, Technology, Infrastructure, Media Design and Business) and in addition still separate specializations include Cyber Security, Game Design, Data Science, Smart Mobile and Management & Security.

In Venlo, we offer a training computer science at with floor in Business Informatics and Software Engineering. You will learn practical solutions to problems in companies and organizations by the in.

You can choose exactly which side of ICT so that you find most interesting.

More information about ICT programmes at Fontys

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