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Field of interest: Allied Health Professions

Walking, lifting, participating in sporting- and working activities – these are all things that you may do every day without limitations.A physiotherapist helps people with complaints to function in their daily life and improve their quality of life. The Physiotherapy programme offers physiotherapists in training both a solid foundation of knowledge (Anatomy, Physiology), assessment- and therapeutic skills as the opportunity to deepen and broaden in specific healthcare topics and thereby become acquainted with developments in physiotherapy and healthcare. The physiotherapist gets an increasing role in healthcare technology. The educational environment with skills labs;

Explore- and Living Labs facilitates students and staff. The programme has a duration of four years. Approximately half of the study time will be allocated to self-study, either at home or at school. The other half of the study time will be allocated to (working) lectures and practical lessons. During the lectures the theory will be covered. During the practical lessons, you will practice physiotherapy skills.