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  • Daniela Lavacca: ‘You have to be curious’

    Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle // Year 1

    ‘I have always dreamed about turning my ideas into something concrete, to the benefit of people in the future. That's why this is a good programme for me. We don’t paint and draw, we are creative in other ways. The analytical part is also interesting: research about products and services. Trend research reveals the changes in markets and societies, providing the basis for developing a concept.

    I’m thinking about choosing the lifestyle sector Human Movement, because I like to explore new ways of transportation such as electric cars. Or maybe I’m going for Leisure. I studied Tourism before in Italy, my home country, so maybe I can combine both sectors.

    The academy is a really friendly place. We work in groups that change every period. Although each student has a different mind and approach, we share our different thoughts and visions on the future. Sometimes it leads to interesting conversations.

    The first Lifestyle Week brought us to several cities to do field research. This was my first taste of this study and it quickly convinced me that this programme was the right choice. I’m proud that I dared to take the step to move to Holland. In Italy, school was much more stressful. I think the system here works better. Contacts with the teachers are quite informal. You can call them by their first name and their feedback is always honest.

    This programme requires you to be curious, to happily absorb knowledge and experience from the world around you. You also have to be open-minded, so you can see from other perspectives without being judgemental. It also helps if you are an analytical person, able to look at things from a bigger perspective, recognize trends and think creatively.’

    • Appearance: Fashion and style
    • Food: New food sources; food of the future
    • Health: Innovating the health system, technology, innovation
    • Human Movement: New ways of transportation
    • Leisure : Fun & vacation
    • Living: Design of living spaces
    • Work: Connected to the changing work environment.

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  • Carla Bartos: ‘Get rid of the box’

    Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle // Year 2

    This is what I like about TCL: on the first day already you are introduced to someone who works for, say, Philips and assigns a project to you. That means you are set to work in the professional field from the very start. I focus a lot on my network and already met several companies that can be useful to me.

    Although I like doing trend research, concept development is more appealing to me. It’s a combination of everything, demanding research skills, but also creativity and the use of various techniques to invent and complete your concept. The last six months I tried my best and succeeded to get selected for the excellence course. So cool! I will soon be arranging trend tours at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

    You can clearly notice we’re a bunch of creative people, always motivating each other to greater heights. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet everyone is expected to be very professional and always productive. The teachers also contribute to that pleasant atmosphere. You can count on them when you need them.

    Creativity is related to freedom for me. The freedom to think and do what you want, as long as it leads to your desired result. We don’t ‘think out the box’ here, but simply ‘get rid of the box’! Being free to think and write whatever you want, that makes me very happy.

    Creativity is something you can learn. You can awaken it. We did exactly that in the first year during the two-day trip to Maastricht, through different exercises. So don’t worry about lacking the creativity for this programme. Being inquisitive is what matters most. For instance, I am curious about why the decisions people make today are so incredibly different from those fifty years ago.’

    • Appearance: Personality and your looks, and your inner self as well.
    • Food: Partly determined by history, economy and politics.
    • Health: Physical and mental well-being, including preventive care.
    • Human Movement: Exercise and sports. Means by which people move from A to B. What kind of transport do they choose?
    • Leisure: Changes over time; for example: going out for dinner is now a regular part of social life.
    • Living: Buildings that cater to the needs of people.
    • Work: Claims an ever-growing part of our free time. No more 9 to 5.

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