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Programme Summary

What will we be eating and drinking in the next decade? What will our homes be like? And how will our own looks have changed by the year 2030? What will we do in our spare time, now and in the future? Will new lifestyles influence our health? Just a few of the many trends that companies and organisations need to understand, if they want to respond to developments of their markets and to their target audiences. At ILS, you combine your knowledge on these issues with your skill to design creative and practical concepts. Your goal: to create new products and services that enhance quality of life. As graduate, you can enter the workforce as creative producer, junior market innovator, trend watcher or project leader.

More about this programme

Every three months, you work on an assignment for a client from the professional field. In the final year, you specialise yourself in at least two lifestyle sectors, while further developing your core skills: trend research and concepting. In the third year you gain practical experience as an intern and concept developer. The final year puts you back in the field with a Graduation Project for a real company.

What to expect from us

The ILS programme teaches you how to recognise trends and use them as the basis for designing and creating new lifestyle concepts. Your personal development is the main goal, while you develop both creative and commercial skills. Being guided by teachers with practical experience, means that your education offers the right fit with your future professional practice. You also get to work on real assignments for (international) companies. You can also start your own company as a student.

What do we expect from you

You are open-minded, curious and enterprising; an independent thinker. You are aware of current developments in society and motivated to make a positive impact on our ever-changing world. You have empathy and the ability to both understand people and inspire them with your ideas. A creative problem-solver who dares to take up responsibility.

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