How to prepare

Studying abroad is a big step. For many students it is the first time they live on their own. Suddenly you have to cook for yourself, buy groceries, open a bank account. Besides this you have to speak English all the time. For this reason it is essential that you are well-prepared when you start at Fontys. Every student needs to have an English level of at least IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550, but to fully understand the literature and theory in class it is advised to train your English skills. There are several preparatory courses to boost your English level.

The Dutch education might be different from the system at home. We stand for interactive lessons in which you actively participate. Key to successful studying is self-study. Do your homework, attend all lectures and make notes during lectures.

With the right study mentality and motivation we believe every student who starts at Fontys is able to graduate.