Students about this programme

  • Martine Olsen

    "Dear future student,

    My name is Martine Olsen, from Norway, and at the end of my first year of studying physical therapy at Fontys in Eindhoven.

    Studying physical therapy at Fontys is one of the best choices that you can make; at least it was for me, and for my classmates. Studying at Fontys is definitely a different study experience; it is a great learning environment, with a mixture between theoretical, and practical experiences, and you are always challenged to develop as a person, and as a student.

    On the first day of school in August, I met 40 new people, from about 15 different nationalities, and a week later, I had 40 new friends. As a physical therapy student you have to be creative, open and willing to have a lot of fun with your new friends, and the teachers. Being a part of the English stream here at Fontys means that all of the students and teachers at Fontys are your friends, it doesn’t really matter if you know them or not, they will all include you in this friendly and open atmosphere they have created.

    Nowhere in the world have I ever experienced a learning environment that can compare to what Fontys offers. A well developed study program with so many different and exciting aspects, every day is a new day, and another chance to learn something new, and you will.

    The old saying; “The home is where the heart is”, represents my experience as a student here, Fontys is home.

    Hope to see you at the start of next semester."

    Martine Olsen

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  • Jakob Hanzal

    Hello my name is Jakob Hanzal I am 23 years old and I am from Vienna, Austria. I am currently in my second year of Physiotherapy on the English Stream at Fontys.

    I chose this course because I wanted to be taught in English and study in an international environment whilst experiencing a new culture. I am thoroughly enjoying the course so far, there is a good balance between practical and theoretical study, with a strong emphasis on practical work, a learning experience I find particularly useful as it is an integral part of physiotherapy. The University has excellent studying facilities and the classes we study in are small, which provides a supportive and motivating learning environment. Teachers make an effort to get real patients into classes so we can interview,assess and practice on them. The students work well together, helping each other with practical aspects of the course and various assignments. Also, the opportunity to study with students from around the world provides different perspectives and approaches on the subject and returning to my home country for clinical placements has demonstrated to me how valuable this insight and knowledge is.

    The University has excellent facilities for sport activities. The sport centre opposite the Fontys building offers a wide variety of sports so everyone can find an activity and membership is affordable.

    Relocating to Eindhoven was a lot easier than I anticipated – English is widely spoken in this student friendly city and the staff and students have been helpful and supportive in ensuring a smooth transfer. In my opinion it is worth trying to learn some Dutch as not only do the Dutch appreciate your efforts, it will create new opportunities such as local internships and generally integrating better into the community.
    Studying in the heart of Europe, also means you can travel to European destinations, cities like Paris, London and Barcelona are in easy reach.

    All in all both the course and the social aspects make this a great place to begin your career as a Physiotherapist.

    Jakob Hanzal

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  • Lia Smagin

    One of the best things I like in physiotherapy is that wherever you will go, you can always work as a physiotherapist

    ‘I chose physiotherapy because I have always been interested in human body and health. To me it felt natural to start studying movement and ways to improve or get back to our natural ways of moving. Currently I’m in my second year. Studying requires interest in the topic physiotherapy, because we do have a lot of self-study hours. Teachers, as well as fellow students are always helping and often we study together in groups. This makes the difficult tasks more easy.

    Fontys is an interesting school offering students plenty of freedom and space for creativity. We have the opportunity to hear opinions from students from all corners of the world, which
    makes conversations very exciting and opens eyes to new ideas. Studying here has been amazing, I had very little knowledge about the city, school, and people in the Netherlands. I came with curious and open mind and have experienced a lot in the past two years. I have been offered support from schools side as well as from older students who help to integrate into the student life here.

    In the summer of 2013 I am doing my third internship, I will travel back to Helsinki and work in sports physiotherapy practice. Here I will be experience working with athletes, which is new for me. I did the previous internships with elderly people and enjoyed it a lot. After graduating from the school, I would like to travel and experience working in different cultures. I think we can learn a lot from different approaches that are used in working with people across the world. One of the best things I like in physiotherapy is that where ever you will go, you can always work as a physiotherapist.’

    Lia Smagin

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