Online open day - Physiotherapy

Welcome at the 'online open day' for the Physiotherapy English Stream!



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About Physiotherapy

Walking, lifting things, participating in sporting activities – these are all things that you may do every day without any thought. Usually, you will only visit a Physiotherapist if something goes wrong, such as if you have suffered an injury when playing sports, if you are troubled by a hernia, or if you are experiencing pain whilst walking, but you have no idea what may be causing the pain. A Physiotherapist helps people to move without pain and investigates how you may be able to prevent any further complaints from occurring in the future.

Virtual tour

Unfortunately, it's not possible to visit the campus right now. We do want to give you all an impression, so we have recorded a virtual tour. In this virtual tour our students Rens and Teun will take you through the building!

Student for a day

Do you want to experience how it is like to be a Physiotherapy student at Fontys for a day? Please check this page or send an e-mail!

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Every summer Fontys University Eindhoven organises a Summer School programme in August. The course offers you the opportunity to gain new knowledge about the offered subjects and about yourself. You will improve a variety of skills you can apply in your study course and in daily life. The Summer School is also a great way to prepare yourself for a study in the Netherlands. We can assure you that it will be an experience you will never forget!


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