How to apply

All applications for our courses have to be conducted via Studielink is an online portal that allows applicants to apply and maintain their registration whenever they want to.

Request for Enrolment (RFE)

Go to Studielink, log in and select the option, ‘New Enrolment Application’.
Select the option for the Academic Year in which you wish to follow your chosen course programme and then follow the steps to select the course programme of your choice. Enter the details of your prior education and answer the supplementary questions.

Selection procedure

Physiotherapy English Stream at Fontys has a fixed quota, a limited number of places, and has therefore a selection. The objective of this selection is to choose the applicants based on their motivation to study Physiotherapy in general and in particular to study abroad and/or at Fontys as well as their orientation to the profession of physiotherapist.

Application procedure step 1

The application procedure consists of two steps. First, you have to apply for the Physiotherapy English Stream programme through Studielink 15 January 2018 at the latest. After this date it is no longer possible to apply for the programme.
The full name of the programme in Studielink is B Opleiding tot Fysiotherapeut – Physiotherapy English Str.

Application procedure step 2

Second, we must have received the following documents before 1 February 2018:
•Your motivation letter: a strong personal motivation is vitally important to be accepted for the programme. Elements such as what triggers your interest for physiotherapy, any previous (volunteering) experience in the field of physiotherapy or in health care in general, and why you want to study abroad/ at Fontys are important indicators for good candidates.
•Your personal résumé / Curriculum Vitae (including courses, work experience and other activities which are relevant for your application)
•Original certified copies of your diploma and list of grades (including certified translations of these documents, if they are not in English, German or French) *
•A copy of your passport
•Proof of English language proficiency. For more information see Admission requirements.**
•The application form (click HERE to download)

*In case you have not graduated yet, please inform us when you will receive your diploma.
**In case you do not have this proof yet, inform us when you expect to obtain it.

You can send the documents to the mailing address as listed in the right side bar of this page (you cannot send the documents by e-mail)

The selection will take place in February/March. You will be informed about the results on 15 April.


You can send the documents to

Fontys University of Applied Sciences
Physiotherapy ES programme
To the attention of Ms. Marja Vermulst
P.O. Box 347
5600 AH Eindhoven
The Netherlands

After receiving your documents you will be informed by us. Please note that a personal interview (in person or by telephone) can be part of our selection procedure.

Selection and Placement Rules Physiotherapy English Stream 2017-2018