Career prospects

Future professional practice

You will only be able to call yourself a Physiotherapist once you have acquired your Bachelor of Science Degree. After the successful completion of your studies, you will find that there are many opportunities available for pursuing a career as a Physiotherapist. You will be able to count on securing an interesting and varied job, perhaps even abroad, where your qualifications will also be highly valued.

In a team or independent practice

A Physiotherapist can opt to be employed, such as at a hospital, a nursing home, a rehabilitation centre, a school for disabled children or within a practice run by another Physiotherapist. As a Physiotherapist, you may also opt to start your own Physiotherapy Practice.

Preventive sector

The profession of Physiotherapy is under development within the preventive sector. You could work for a company, at a fitness centre, or for a sporting association. Thereby, you could be kept busy with the prevention of complaints by, for example, focussing on the correct working posture of the employees, or good preparation in relation to sportspeople.

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