It is not always easy for international students to find accommodation in the Netherlands. It is possible to apply for accommodation through Fontys for the first period. Although Fontys does not have its own campus dorms, it has established a cooperation with a number of different housing agencies and landlords.

Living in Eindhoven: nice student town

Eindhoven is a nice student town, which combines its dynamic character with a safe and cosy atmosphere. It offers a wide variety of sport facilities (where you can carry out your favourite sport against low student prices), many typical student bars and cafes and a number of interesting museums. These elements and the easy going southern character of the people help you to feel at home in this town what makes studying a lot more attractive.

Dynamic and warm at the same time

Eindhoven has a youthful dynamic aura, but a warm country heart. Being the fifth town of the Netherlands, with 215.000 residents, it offers a lot of possibilities. The excellent facilities, the spacious lay out, the copious green and the typical North Brabant landscape immediately surrounding it, make Eindhoven acity where studying and living is a pleasure.

Within easy reach of the crowded environments of Amsterdam in the north and Brussels in the south, Eindhoven is a mild and lively town with a lot of space to "breath".

Apply for accommodation

It is possible to apply for accommodation. All the necessary information can be found here. Please read all the information carefully before you apply for accommodation.

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