Programme in brief

Walking, lifting things, participating in sporting activities – these are all things that you may do every day without any thought. Usually, you will only visit a Physiotherapist if something goes wrong, such as if you have suffered an injury when playing sports, if you are troubled by a hernia, or if you are experiencing pain whilst walking, but you have no idea what may be causing the pain.
A Physiotherapist helps people to move without pain and investigates how you may be able to prevent any further complaints from occurring in the future.

What to expect from us

We will teach you a range of things, including all of the aspects that you will be likely to encounter as a Physiotherapist. In addition to your patients, you will also have dealings with colleagues, doctors, specialists and other medical staff. Even if you have a perfect command of the theory, your social skills will be just as important for the effective practice of your profession. Therefore, we devote a great deal of attention to practical training and during the course of your studies, you will already spend a lot of time working together with your fellow students. In small groups, you will undertake assignments and you will work on practical assignments. Of course, all of this will be done under the supervision of teaching staff and your Study Career Advisor.

What do we expect from you?

You should be someone who wants to help people to move without suffering pain. You should find it interesting to investigate how you can prevent complaints from occurring in the future. In this course programme, we expect that you will be interested in people of all ages, both from a medical and a social point of view. You should have extensive empathic ability and you should be prepared to critically assess your own manner of dealing with other people. In addition, decision-making skill and a solution-orientated approach are important characteristics that you should possess. Furthermore, you should be ready and willing to study hard, as in addition to the practical lessons, you will also need to study many theoretical subjects.

Education form
Language of study

This study is officially registered as bachelor study Health in Physiotherapy. After successful completion, you will be awarded with a Bachelor degree of Science.

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