• Programme in brief
  • What to expect from us
  • What do we expect from you?

Programme in brief

If you choose the English stream of the Dutch MBRT HBO applied science study programme in Eindhoven, you will take part in a four year bachelor study programme qualifying you to become a professional in medical imaging and radiotherapy. You will learn everything about imaging in radio-diagnostics, radiotherapy, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. For example, you will learn how to prepare patients for an examination, learn how to take and archive photos, scans and echoes, document and save the data. Or, as an example, you make a radiation plan for a cancer patient. After graduating you can work in Radiology, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine or Radiotherapy departments of hospitals but also in business or commerce.

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What to expect from us

We will teach you everything about medical imaging in radio diagnostics, radiotherapy, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. You will learn how to use the equipment, communicate medical and technical results and findings and to plan treatments. We will provide thorough supervision by our study career counselors, whom you can always contact. The programme is designed so that you learn independently, as well as in groups.

What do we expect from you

You have a passion for the technical professions in health care and you find it important to interact with people. Good communication skills are essential to achieve this.

It is important that you are self-assured, as you undoubtedly will be working with (seriously) sick people.


Also, innovative technical developments appeal to you, and you like the challenge of applying these, for example, in providing patients with the optimal diagnosis and treatment.

Due to the technical nature of the course, it is important that you are sufficiently proficient in mathematics and physics.