Mechatronics is a combination of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science. In this program, you are a thinker and a doer. You find out how to make your devices safer and easier to use. And of course: you design them! Think of an automated car wash, a production robot or in healthcare a wheelchair or robot arm replacement. Mechatronics has become an indispensable worling field. We teach you the theory and practical knowledge and learn you to be a specialist in systematic design techniques including the control of robotic products and machinery.

The Bachelor program Mechatronics leads to the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.

From design to making a robot: the bachelor program Mechatronics has a focus on robotics and control technology.

What will you do at Mechatronics?

1st year of study (propaedeutic phase)

Already in the first year, you start putting theoretical knowledge into practice by running projects. In order to realize a product, for example a robot, you combine Mechatronics related subjects like:

  • Mechatronic design
  • Electrical networks
  • Mechanics
  • Digital design
  • C-programming
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated design techniques
  • General engineering skills
  • Communication and presentation techniques

In the first year you will have around 25 classes a week. The leraned theory and the acquired skills are immediately used in laboratory work and projects. Especially in the first year the projects are based on gamification: principles and techniques how to improve team work and learning how to do projects. A future Mechatronics engineer has excellent knowledge and skills but he/she also needs to be a perfect team worker.

2nd year of study (core phase)

As from the second year you expand your knowledge and skills in mechatronics. This is called the core phase of the program. See "Subjects per semester Mechatronics" for more information. In the 2nd year you also start to do projects with students from other Engineering disciplines like Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Project based learning has a strong relationship with the subject-specific courses. The projects all have a link with real-time assignments from industry. In the second year you will take part in EXPO (= Engineering eXPerience Organisation) projects; in the 3rd and 4th year IPD (= Integrated Product Development) projects.

3rd year of study (core phase)

In the first semester of the 3rd year you will work and study in a mechatronics related company (first internship). You will be involved in mechatronics assignments that will have university level. In the second semester of the 3rd year you will do your minor programme: for 1 semester you will study subjects related to your major mechatronics or you can choose to do subjects that are not related to your major (e.g. Business Engineering). Fontys will help you in finding a minor that suits your interests best.

4th year of study (exam phase)

In the final year of your bachelor programme mechatronics the first semester will be a specialization programme: robotics or control systems. In the 2nd semester you will do your final graduation project: again you will work and study in a company but at the same time you need to write your bachelor thesis report.

Linked to the bachelor program Mechatronics is the knowledge center Mechatronics & Robotics. This center has close connections with many companies in the Brainport Region: Europe's leading innovative top technology region, the place to be for every Mechatronics student. For more information go to:

  • Typical for this programme

    The English taught bachelor programme Mechatronics is offered in Eindhoven. 
    The Mechatronics program has a focus on the region: Eindhoven international Brainport region.

    The program in Eindhoven has a focus on high tech systems and robotics for which the international region of Eindhoven (Brainport) is famous.
    Students have participated successfully twice in the world-wide robotic competition of the FIRSTorganisation. The program concentrates on a strong collaboration with many companies in the international high tech Brainport region.

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  • Subjects per semester Mechatronics
    Subjects Semester 1 Subjects Semester 2
    Year 1 Intro to C Programming Strength of Materials 2
    Generic Mechatronics skills Advanced Electronic Circuits 2
    Mathematics 1 Introduction in Control Systems 2
    Management Game/IOT1 Advanced C Programming 2
    Digital Fundamentals 1 Modelling & Simulation 2
    Static Mechanics Mathematics 2
    Construction & Drawing Standards 1 Integrated Design Techniques 2
    Principles of Electronic Circuits 1 Communication 2
    Project Project 2
    Communication Study counselling
    Study counselling
    Year 2 Dynamics 3 Heat and Fluid Dynamics
    Introduction to Electromechanics 3 Electronics 3
    Advanced C Programming Introduction in Control Systems 2
    Advanced Electronic Circuits 2 MicroComputer Fundamentals 3
    Introduction to Control Engineering 3 Control Engineering 4
    Sequential Digital Design Actuators and sensors 4
    Communication 3 Communication 4
    Integrated Design Techniques 3 Projects 6 and 7
    Project 4 and 5 Study Counselling
    Study Counselling
    Year 3 Internship in International Company Minor program: free choice from programs offered by Fontys or external minor
    Year 4 Spezialisation program in Mechatronics Graduation internship and thesis writing in an International Company