Hebert Satria

Fontys gave me the chance to study mechatronics in Eindhoven, which is a perfect destination for engineers.

" Studying in the Netherlands was one of the most influential decisions I have made in my life. Not only that I had never travees to Europe before, but also going to study at Fontys University Eindhoven without family and friends was a huge step. After I arrived here, I found that it was not difficult to settle. I love the culture, the people, and the student life here in Eindhoven. Their cycling culture especially, which is also my hobby, made me able to adapt easily to my new life.
I have chosen Mechatronics for my bachelor because I enjoy studying electrical, mechanical, and programming when I was still at high school, and I believed that this major would be very useful in the future. Fontys gave me the chance to study mechatronics in Eindhoven, which is a perfect destination for engineers.

In the beginning of my study, a lot of projects and practical studies gave me a bit of a shock, since my practical background was considered low at that time. However, this gave me a chance to learn a lot. By participating in more projects, I could get used to the study system and I pretty much enjoyed myself in this study. After more than 2 years studying here, I feel that I had a lot of great experiences as a Fontys student, such as: participating in high-tech and robotics projects with one of them involving EKL (Else Kooi Laboratory) from TU Delft as a client, being able to study Premaster at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in parallel with my bachelor education, and being chosen to represent Fontys Eindhoven in Nl4talents by Nuffic Neso. In my opinion, I could experience all these projects and events because Fontys has many teachers who have the advance technical knowledge to guide and help their students.

Besides my study, I also work part time to keep myself productive and I also learn Dutch in the meantime. I find that it is really fun to learn Dutch because I discover a lot of similarities between my language and Dutch language.
For new students, choosing to study mechatronics at Fontys can give you a lot of career options, whether on electrical, mechanical, programming, control, or even the combination of these options. Fontys will also provide you with 2 semesters of internships. These internships are really crucial for your future career in terms of knowledge and professional connections. "

Hebert Satria, Indonesia

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