Fontys Technology and Business bachelors (FTB)

Study in the Netherlands: Eindhoven (Brainport Region)

Under the umbrella of Fontys Technology and Business bachelors (FTB) the following completely English taught bachelor programmes will be offered:

  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Information & Communication Technology
    - Bachelor ICT & Business
    - Bachelor ICT & Software Engineering
    - Bachelor ICT & Technology
    - Bachelor ICT & Media Design
    - Bachelor ICT & Infrastructure
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
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All FTB programmes are officially accredited and quality-based bachelor programmes. Being a student in one of these programmes means that you live and study in one of the most promising, fast developing high tech regions of Europe: Brainport Region. This region has a unique environment in the Netherlands and is a breeding ground for innovation and home to world-class business, universities and research institutes.

Are you fascinated by technology and innovation or business? Are you looking for an outstanding study or career opportunity in the Netherlands? If so, you should consider Brainport Region in the Southeast of the Netherlands. It could be one of the smartest moves you make!

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FTB programmes:

FTB programmes have a clear and transparent structure with about 20 lectures per educational week. Students are placed in year groups which do not change and learning modules are given by qualified teachers. Each student will receive support and advice from a personal Study Counsellor. As an international student you will develop excellent skills in the chosen study field and you will develop your abilities to interact effectively with people from other cultures and countries. All this will qualify you to stand an international career in Engineering or ICT in the Brainport Region.

The Bachelor-Master structure

The FTB Bachelor programmes at Fontys University of Applied Sciences are practical-based university programmes. Over a period of four years, you develop excellent professional skills and acquire the knowledge you need for your future profession. After obtaining your degree, you may bear the title Bachelor of Science (BSc). The majority of graduated bachelors join the labour market especially in the Brainport Region, but further study in a master programme - either in the Netherlands or abroad – is another possibility.

Why study at Fontys Technology and Business bachelors (FTB)?

  • South-East of the Netherlands is internationally known as Brainport Region, a centre of science and technology. More information about Brainport Region is available on
  • Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in The Netherlands. There are good transportation facilities by car, train and plane. Venlo is a city located very near to the German border.
  • Eindhoven has pleasant, friendly streets, beautiful parks, a lively and attractive centre and cultural and sporting activities of international standing
  • Fontys Eindhoven offers its students a lot of sports facilities like swimming, fitness, squash etc. You can become a member at the University of Technology (TU/e) Sports campus for a student friendly fee
  • Fontys Eindhoven campus is equipped with computer rooms, library and a student restaurant Wireless internet is available throughout the campus, enabling you to bring your laptop and work, study, search for information and check your email wherever you want
  • Fontys will help you find a place to live. Most of the international students live in a house together with other students, a so called ‘student house’. You rent your own room in the student house. Usually, you share a kitchen and a bathroom together with other students.
  • The Fontys Students’ Associations INNOVUM and PROXY give international students at Fontys important first-hand information about the dynamic organisation that Fontys is. The goal of the Students’ Associations is ensuring the social well-being and rights of the international students