Anton Ivanov

Mechatronics at Fontys, Eindhoven – it’s hard, but very challenging and interesting study

" Engineering isn’t a simple course to follow especially if you don’t have any background knowledge of mathematics and physics. Do not fear, I was the same I studied commerce and marketing before coming to Fontys University of Applied Science. For most of my class mates, including me, it was difficult in the beginning because of the electronics and software courses. If you are asking yourself then why should I choose Mechatronics at Fontys if it’s so difficult? My answer to you is this, although there are tremendous amount of problems in this field of engineering you should face them, because with the help of the great teachers from the engineer department you will manage to solve equations and build robots that others will only wonder how is it even possible to make or solve something like that. If you are eager to learn the professors from Fontys are always there to help you comprehend and guide you through the challenging studies of the Mechatronics course.

Mechatronics is a word combined from Mechanics + Electronics, this field of study also includes software and control engineering. As you can see there are many fields of engineering combined in to one, which is why Fontys has made the course in such a way that 70% is theory, where you study mechanics, physics, draw electronics schematics, writing codes, etc. The other 30% is the interesting part, every quarter you are grouped with different classmates and work together to design, make and build a robot or device, additionally the theory that you learn in lectures can be applied in the practical classes, for instance if you study today the theory of how capacitors work, the day after you will be assigned to make a small real life circuit with a capacitor, cool isn’t it?

Why study in Eindhoven? The answer is simple and you are going to read or hear about it a lot. The Eindhoven region, also known as Brainport is the technological heart of the Netherlands. The region is one of Europe’s most innovative centers of advanced technology. What this means is that if you are searching for internship or for a job after graduation there are more than 100+ technology companies that will want you such as: ASML, Phillips, DAF, FEI, NXP, TNO, Bosch, VDL and many more.

Finally, what I like the most at Fontys is not only the course and the teachers, but the hundreds of new friendships, dozens of different cultures and the opportunity to develop yourself as a future engineer. "

Anton Ivanov, Bulgaria,

Ambience photo Fontys