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  • What do we expect from you?

Programme in brief

In the oncoming years more and more devices will be produced that will help us to make heavy work light or even take work out off our hands (robotics). More and more  mechatronics devices will determine our everyday lives. Household appliances are becoming intelligent, electronics improves better and easier use. All of these devices would either not exist without mechatronics or would be much more expensive. Mechatronics will also play a significant role in the development of equipment to enable distance health care for older people (health & quality for life).

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What to expect from us

Within the programme Mechatronics the distance between teachers and students is quite close. You will get classes given by teachers who have worked in the field of mechatronics. They know what is going on in the rapidly changing world of mechatronics. Right from the start of your bachelor study a personal study counsellor will help you in making the right study decisions. You will practice your technical skills and conduct challenging projects that lead to innovative products

What do we expect from you

You have a passion for technology and you're curious in solving all kind of (technical) problems.  This means for you that besides the clever and creative application of mathematics/physics,you must be able to switch between theory and practice very quickly. Successful studying also requires a lot of perseverance. It goes without saying that your communication skills and level of English are very good. At secondary school your grades for mathematics and physics need to be very good as well. Per week you need to spend around 40-45 hours on study activities.