Course highlights

Marketing Management is a broad 4-year bachelor programme. You learn to understand why some products are successful and why others aren’t as well as how you can influence that. You learn to conduct market research and analyse markets to find out what the needs of your customers are. Consequently, you learn to set up communication and marketing strategies that satisfy these needs, distinguishes you from competitors and make you market leader. As a Marketing Management student you gradually transform into a marketing expert with experience in an international environment.

What do you focus on?

  • Analysing the needs of different regional and international customers
  • Use different marketing instruments to get your message across to different customers
  • Setting up a strategic marketing plan
  • Online marketing activities
  • Checking and controlling the success of your marketing campaigns
  • Relevant soft skills such as communication and presentation as well as an additional language

What makes us special?

  • Four years of study – combination between practice and theory
  • StartUp Factory – start your own business, become a consultant for a company in the Netherlands or Germany, join a social enterprise, or take part in our film project
  • Two internships
  • Possibility to go to one of our over 125 partner universities all over the world
  • Specialisations in, for instance, psychology, sports, law etc.
  • Own study association IMagine.

Tadiwa shares her experience

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Word of welcome

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