Content of the programme

MM DBC prepares you for working in an international environment, letting you develop and combine skills such as creative thinking, business instinct and media technology. Through hands-on experience, you learn the difference between simply ‘having a business’ and truly leading a business – what we call entrepreneurship. The base for all your actions and decisions are data. Among the specific courses are Concepting, Creativity, Online Marketing, Futurology, Big Data Marketing and Media & (Data) Technology. More basic subjects include Market Research, Business Economics and General Economics. 

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  • Course description

    The first academic year consists of four quarters. Each has ten weeks: seven weeks of study, one theme week and two exam weeks. You work on projects for client companies and prove with your assessments that you master the competences required to complete the first (propaedeutic) year. 

    Studying hours per week

    14 hours lessons
    10 hours projects
    16 hours selfstudy

    In percentages

    Theory 25%
    Selfstudy 35%
    Practice 40%

  •   Propaedeutic year: year 1 (Orientation)

    Yearly theme, periodic themes, modules

    Each academic year has one universal annual theme. Within this theme, your work on four different periodic themes – each consisting of four modules. These modules are fixed to the days of the week: Personality, Digital, Project, Marketing Management.

    • Personality is about who you are and who you want to become.
    • Project is focused on an actual assignment for a client from the professional field.
    • Digital explores the digital developments and trains you in the software related to this project.
    • MM represents the theoretical and practical knowledge that you receive in support of the project.

    Each period, everything you learn and do is centred around the theme’s subject.

    Year one: New World

    The first year of MM Digital Business Concepts is mainly about exploring the current world of marketing. This yearly theme is divided in four periodic themes:

    1. Market Research
    2. Concepting
    3. Marketing
    4. Entrepreneurship

    Courses MM

    Your Marketing Management courses include, among others:

    • (Online) Marketing
    • Market Research
    • Business Economics
    • General economics
    • Sales

    Digital Courses

    Digital teaches you:

    • Web Development
    • Data Analytics
    • Design
    • New Media & Digital Age
    • And more…

    Personality courses

    Examples of skills from the Personality Courses:

    • English
    • Personal branding
    • Futurology
    • Leadership
    • Study coaching

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  •    Main phase: year 2 (Immersion)

    Step forward

    The second academic year of MM DBC is all about immersion. Dive into theoretical knowledge – of Marketing Management, Digital, Personality AND creativity.

    In this second year you also found your own start-up company to get to work on a product or service of your own invention. You do this in a long-term marketing project.

    The main thread throughout this year is its theme: Step Forward.

    Marketing Management courses

    Marketing Management courses include, among others:

    • Neuromarketing
    • Branding
    • Psychology & Consumer Behaviour
    • Big Data Marketing

    Digital Courses

    Examples of Digital courses:

    • Storytelling
    • Web Development
    • Data Analytics
    • Digital Management

    Personality courses

    Personality courses include skills such as:

    • Community management
    • Sales
    • People management
    • Study coaching
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  •    Main phase: year 3 (Immersion)

    Internship and minor

    The most important elements of year 3 are the internship, and your minor. You are free to choose in which order you do these.

    The internship is to be arranged by you, either in the Netherlands or abroad. The minor is also one of your own choice. You can choose from the interesting courses at Fontys ACI, Fontys-wide or at another higher educational institution. The minor is also a great opportunity to spend six months of your studies in another country. For example, at one of our 45 global partner universities.


    Would you like to obtain your Master’s degree at Tilburg University in one year after graduating at MM DBC? Then you can choose the advanced courses in year 4 instead of a minor in the third year. This enables you to take the Pre-Master route in year 4. See ‘Internship and graduation’ for more information on this arrangement.

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  •   Graduation phase: year 4 (Specialising)

    Specialising with Advanced Courses

    The fourth year of your studies has you return to Tilburg for one semester of English Advanced Courses (AC’s). Four of these are mandatory, the other four are of your own choice. You can choose from various courses, among which:

    • Global Citizenship
    • E-Commerce
    • Bootstrapping (Design Sprint)
    • Web Programming
    • Online Psychology and Neuromarketing


    MM DBC offers four paths to graduation:

    • Regular essay route
    • Start-up route
    • Intrapreneur route
    • Growth-hacking route

    Naturally, each route requires us to assess together if you indeed qualify for the standards of your graduation route.


    Would you like to obtain your Master’s degree at Tilburg University in one year after graduating at MM DBC? Then you can opt for the Pre-Master route in year 4. Choosing this means you skip the minor in year 3 and instead take the fourth-year Advanced Courses. This allows you to spend part of the fourth year on the Pre-Master.

    See ‘Internship and graduation’ below for more information on this arrangement.

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  • Teaching methods

    Personal and informal

    MM DBC offers an environment where we all know each other. Contact with teachers is personal and informal, as they are easy to approach both online and offline. Your study coach knows you personally and advises you to his/her best abilities in your study choices.

    Offline and online studying

    The module days Personality and Digital start with a short introduction, followed by practical assignments and exercises. On the MM day, you explore theories that match your project for that period. Several courses offers inspiring online (practice) classes. On your project days, you work individually, but always supported by teachers and professional coaches.

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  • Coaching during your studies

    Your personal study coach

    Throughout your full studies, you receive guidance from your personal study coach. He or she knows your individual strengths and weak spots, offers focused personal attention and monitors your study progress.

    Your study coach also supports you in case you have to deal with setbacks that hinder your study progress. Together you can look for a solution to continue your studies.

    You and the study coach will explore together which aspects of your studies fascinate you the most. On the basis of your preferences, you can come to a subject for your propaedeutic assessment. This assessment must be passed before you can continue to the main phase.

    Extra support

    We believe in creating possibilities and opportunities, by looking beyond what seems possible at first sight.

    But what if studying is extra challenging for you? What if a (physical) disability is an obstacle to completing your studies? Even then, Fontys MM DBC welcomes you and is willing to offer additional support and guidance.

    Starting from your capabilities, we can look together and see what you need for a successful education. All for a confident and well-prepared entrance to the labour market.

    Click at the button 'Fontys helps' for more more information. If you have any questions, please direct them to and we will get in touch.

  • How to prepare

    Naturally, you want to make the most of your time at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries. If you are choosing for the English-taught programme, then you will need to have a reasonable proficiency of the English language.

    Minimum level

    For domestic applicants, we expect a minimum level of B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference. For foreign nationals, we require proof that you have attained a minimum IELTS score of 6. Applicants will also benefit from some prior knowledge of General Economics and Business Economics. Strong numeracy skills are also a recommended.


    Business Economics and Market Research

    Students generally regard the courses of Business Economics and Market Research as the most challenging. Therefore we have adjusted our guidance of students through these courses.

    For BusinessEeconomics we now offer online courses, allowing you study the theory at your own pace. Market Research is spread out through the curriculum, to divide the pressure of examination over several assessments.

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    Are you in doubt about certain parts of your studies or have any other question? Feel free to contact us for an intake meeting or other information.

  • Internship and graduation

    Internships are an important element of your education at Marketing Management Digital Business Concepts. Your internship lets you put into practice everything you have learned from your studies so far. The programme includes two internship, each lasting about 20 weeks. We encourage you to do at least one of these abroad.

    Regular internship

    Your first internship for a company is in year 3. Here you get to work with your future colleagues and introduces you to a company that might be your future employer. About 20 percent of your internship days are spent on a personal assignment. You dedicate the other hours to the cpmpany's daily routines. During this internship, you can profit from the experience you have gained from the earlier projects.

    Research internship

    MM DBC offers four routes towards graduation:

    • Regular essay route
    • Start-up route
    • Intrapreneur route
    • Growth-hacking route

    Your research internship is always part of one of these routes. That means it could also be part of your own start-up. You get lots of opportunity to challenge yourself and to specialise towards your personal interest. However, there are of course several conditions.

    Pre-Master instead of a minor

    Would you like to obtain your Master’s degree at Tilburg University in one year after graduating at MM DBC? It’s possible by choosing a Pre-Master in year 4 and take the Advanced Courses in year 3 instead of 4. Successfully completing this pre-Master, grants you immediate access to several Master tracks of Tilburg University.

    TSHD (Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences )

    • Data Science Business and Governance
    • New Media Design
    • Corporate Communication and Digital Media
    • Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

    TISEM (Tilburg School of Economics and Management)

    • Marketing Analytics
    • Marketing Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Information Management
    • International Management
    • International Management (for International Students)​
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  • Typical for this programme

    Opportunity to excel

    • You choose an educational environment where everyone knows each other.
    • Lots of room to link your studies to your personal ambitions.
    • Work with teachers who aspire to stimulate your curiosity and potential for growth.
    • The educational programme consists of a diverse combination of marketing, media, creativity, techniques, both in the development and the execution of (digital) concepts.
    • Gain lots of experience and contacts in the digital sector. Become an internet professional
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