Career prospects

Employment perspectives

The labour market awaits you! Many of our students are already approached by companies in their fourth year, and get to work there right after graduating. It’s no surprise, because we forge our students into that one key professional who can serve as the essential bridge between the online and offline world. A specialty that makes you unique among other candidates and will be demanded more and more in the coming years. After all, the digital rise leaves not a single industry untouched.

Many doors are open

Your studies will have you cooperate intensively with interesting clients from day one. We regularly see such connections evolve into a side-job or internship. There simply is a high demand for students who can mix creativity and business and marketing instincts with media & technology skills. Companies are lining up to have our interns work on their business and marketing goals. Many doors will open to you with a MM DBC certificate!

Further education

Most graduated Bachelor students enter the labour market. However, you can of course choose a follow-up education, in the Netherlands or abroad. Some choose a practically-oriented Academic Master, others a University Master. The choice is yours!

MM DBC students graduate with the relevant knowledge and experience that is required for starting their own companies.

Some examples of positions you can apply for:

  • Online marketer
  • Innovations manager
  • Product manager
  • Sales manager
  • Account manager
  • Or become a start-up entrepreneur!