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Programme Summary

The last few years has seen an impressive stream of new, innovative digital products aimed at making life more convenient, yet also, more challenging. Whereas some of these commercial concepts disappear very quickly, others endure to become part of the everyday digital landscape. In the rapidly expanding market for digital concepts, companies urgently need marketeers with expertise in digital strategies. To meet this growing demand, we train our students to combine financial models with technological and creative innovations.

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What to expect from us

Our students are well prepared to deal with digital innovations both practically and on a consultative level. Our graduates are able to advise start-ups and large corporations on their online strategies.As a DBC student, you can expect to develop expertise in a broad range of disciplines. Our courses cover diverse topics such as creativity, entrepreneurship and design, and include some technical subjects such as web-development, data analysis, and economics. Once the basics of these fields have been mastered, students are able to specialise in a chosen subject in which they wish to excel.

What do we expect from you

In exchange for providing a challenging environment in which students can excel, we expect students to work hard to reach their full potential. DBC students follow classes and work on group projects for approximately twenty hours per week. In addition to the direct contact time with our team of experienced lecturers, students are required to apply themselves for a further ten to twenty hours per week. In order to maximize the employability of our graduates, DBC students are actively encouraged to find part-time paid employment to apply the skills that they acquire during the programme.

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At the beginning of 2020 we will be in the new building.

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Start moment(s)
48 months
Bachelor of Science
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Fresh at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries

Fontys Academy for Creative Industries

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