Tran Ha Viet Nguyen

From my own experience

Name: Tran Ha Viet Nguyen
From: Vietnam
Study programme:
Logistics Management
Starting month, year study programme:
 September, 2018

Why did you choose to come to the Netherlands to study and why did you choose Fontys Venlo?

Once I was younger, I got a chance to travel with my father on a business trip to a few countries in Europe. The Netherlands were one of our stops and the experience I had there made a huge impact on my decision to study here. I have to say I love the beautiful landscape, the tranquil atmosphere and the friendly people of the country.

The reason for me to choose Fontys is more of a personal reason. I am the kind of guy who would learn fast in a more practical way. A classic university style therefore is not really the approach that suits me. I was looking for a school where I can apply knowledge to reality right after my study and as you know, Fontys popped up. Since I really see myself in the field of logistics in the future, where else to study than in a paradise for logistics like Venlo in the Netherlands.

Why did you choose Logistics?

Among thousands kinds of job you can choose these days, I chose logistics based on two essential factors.

The first one would be my personality. I am quite meticulous and tend to consider pros and cons whenever making any decisions. Balance is what I always look for and coincidently, it also fits with logistics principles.  Furthermore, logistics requires you to see a problem not in details but in one big picture and this could really help me reshape my perspective. I want to change the mindset that I currently have.

The second factor is the potential of logistics in Asia, especially in Vietnam right now. The market is getting more competitive and companies are trying to lower prices as much as they can. A race for getting new tools and technology is coming to an end because everyone can get their hands on the same thing as long as they have economic power. Thus, in the next few decades, logistics will be key for companies to compete with each other.

How did you think Fontys Venlo would contribute to your career dream?

With the learning programme that Fontys is providing, I have many more opportunities as a student to interact with the real working environment compared to other universities. My (soft) skills are sharpened and I have dealt with the real-work situations so I won't be like a fish out of water with my future job. 

Would you recommend a study here and why?

If anyone would ask me “Where would you recommend studying abroad?”, I would say “Fontys Venlo is the place to be!”. Fontys Venlo provides you with a great environment for studying with friendly fellow students and passionate teachers. You will really feel welcome even it is your first time coming to school here. There is not that much gap between teachers and students, which makes it great for open discussion and expanding your knowledge. If you have the will to learn and a hunger for knowledge, everyone around would not mind lending a hand to help you along the way.

What do you like here, what was a challenge for you and how did you cope with it?

Although many may say it would be quite boring after some time in Venlo, I would say I find myself quite pleasing here. The quiet and tranquil atmosphere really help me concentrate on my study, slow down my thoughts and keep my focus on important things.

However, new things often come with new challenges. The biggest challenge I faced when I first came here was managing my time. When you get to live alone, it is totally different from living with your family. You will realize that your time is finite. Besides going to school, you will have to manage everything by yourself, such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, buying groceries… and when you are done with all of those activities, you find yourself at the end of the day. You do not have time or strength left (or too lazy) to do your homework. The key to overcoming this obstacle is to make a proper schedule and stick to it. The first few days will be hard and you will not always be motivated so you must be disciplined. When you can turn the schedule into your habit, you can save yourself a lot of time and strength for studying.


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