Robert Bartmann

Name: Robert Bartmann
Study programme:
Logistics Management
Starting month, year study programme:
 September, 2016

I think the personal connection to the lecturers and fellow students I get at Fontys is nice.

My name is Robert Bartmann and I'm from Germany. I chose logistics and management as the industry fascinates me with its speed and global processes. However, not only did these factors move me to start studying at the Fontys in 2016, also the connection of the learned theory with realistic problems which are worked on in small project groups is what I like about the university. Another factor that makes studying at the Fontys much more pleasant is the personal connection to the lecturers and to his fellow students. I am also pursuing a master's degree in logistics at the Fontys and will subsequently work as a logistics manager in the field of transport or customs in a company.