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Jeans, mobile phones, cars, groceries; behind every product there is a challenging supply chain. In other words, all products around you went through different small steps before they ended up with the person that finally bought them. Logistics is all around us. Look at e-commerce companies like Amazon, Zalando, or Alibaba. Look at factories producing smartphones. Look at all the activities taking place at airports. So many exciting things that are connected to logistics!

As a Logistics Management student you learn to evaluate logistical processes, monitor performance, negotiate with external and internal partners, and optimize processes. Next to learning about logistical and supply chain processes you get a helicopter view of what is going on in companies, which makes it easier for you to see connections and communicate with other departments.

What do you focus on?

  • Supply Chain Management and procurement
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Integrated logistics which brings all areas together
  • Smart warehousing to guarantee high-quality customer service incl. customs management
  • Working with IT and ERP-systems
  • E-commerce
  • Keeping a helicopter view on business performances through building digital performance charts

What makes us special?

  • After three semesters you choose for either Logistics Management or Logistics Engineering
  • Many projects / internships in cooperation with companies and company visits
  • Possibility to go to one of our partner universities abroad and other short term activities with our partners
  • Small study programme therefore very personal
  • Intense coaching on your professional skills as communication, teamwork and leading skills
  • CV training hosted by one of our company partners
  • Annual Career Day where you boost your professional network

Curriculum Logistics Management

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Georgi shares his experience

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Word of welcome

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  • Contents and Fontys way of studying

    The Fontys way of studying

    At Fontys you study in various ways. There are lectures in classrooms with about 25 other students. In practical lectures you work independently or with a project team on your assignments. The campus offers a wide array of facilities to study alone or with a group. 

    Regularly you are in touch with your study career manager who supports you and guides you during your studies. In the first and second year you will focus on different logistics related topics. These include: Warehousing and Materials Handling, Transport and Distribution, Production and Logistics, and Integral Logistics in a Company. For each major topic you’ll get theoretical background, but you’ll be foremost working on projects related to the topic of that semester. In the middle of the second year you’ll choose for either Logistics Management or Logistics Engineering.

    Content of the programme

    With Logistics Management you choose for the managerial side of logistics. You are in charge of generating important information to control and improve your business performance. Meeting customer delivery agreements and setting up collaborations with suppliers belongs to your tasks. Besides being taught in logistics, you’ll deal with business economics, statistics and management skills which prepare you for your future employment. Thus within the study programme LM you’ll learn how to be fully able to expedite the development of new business opportunities.

    In the third year you specialise in an area of your choice in a minor or semester abroad. After that you will do an internship at a company. In the fourth year you come back to Fontys to specialise more and you end your 4-year study programme with a bachelor thesis which you write during your second internship. 

    During the whole study programme you will work in projects where you will solve problems, a method which will stimulate a hands on, problem solving and, independent way of working. At Fontys we believe in interaction. We like it when you ask questions during lectures and also outside lectures we are there for you.

    An example of one of our Logistics projects:

    The Fresh Connection

    Within this project you work in a virtual Supply Chain. The company you work for is a producer for fresh juices, struggling with high stocks, bad delivery performances and unreliable suppliers. You and your team are in charge to optimize the whole Supply Chain taking care of the return of investment, your costs and your service level towards your customers. Furthermore you need to negotiate with your suppliers about their performances or even look for alternative suppliers.

    Students about this project
  • Course description per year

    Year 1 (semester 1 and 2)

    Students of Logistics Management and Logistics Engineering follow a joined programme in the first three semesters. Within these three semesters students are taught the basics of logistics. By means of company examples and company visits you get a quick feeling of what the main tasks of a logistician are, and where logistics can be found within different companies. Subsequent to this you get the basics in warehousing and material handling. Here you learn how goods move in regional, national, and international networks consisting of suppliers, producers and consumers. Next to this you acquire general business knowledge and relevant soft skills such as professionalism, teamwork, self-reflection and communication.

    Year 2 (semester 3 and 4)

    In the second academic year you deepen and enlarge your knowledge. After the third semester you choose for either Logistics Management or Logistics Engineering. This gives you the opportunity to specialize. Within Logistics Management you have subjects like “Supply Chain Management” and “Organisation and Strategy”. You learn how to work with suppliers in an effective way, to detect synergies in procurement, and to optimize transportation networks. Your business knowledge enables you to set up performance measurement systems, and to monitor and optimize all steps in the logistics process.

    Year 3 (semester 5 and 6)

    In the first semester of year three, you do a work placement in a company and industry of your choice. As a future professional, you apply yourself for this work placement allowing you to already practice your application skills for the future. During the work placement you deepen your knowledge in the real business world. The work placement can be completed in a country of your choice.

    In the second semester of year three, you deepen your knowledge in a specific theme within a minor programme. The minor programme provides you with the opportunity to acquire knowledge in another field then your major. You can choose to do this minor at Fontys, at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands, or at one of our 125 partner universities all over the world. Doing your minor abroad at one of our partner universities abroad allows you to acquire further language skills and experience a new culture.

    Year 4 (semester 7 and 8)

    During semester seven you spend your last semester on campus. During this semester you deal with supplier assessment, inventory management, supply chain management, and collaborative planning & forecasting.

    In the final semester you do another work placement and work on a practical problem within a company. You report the solutions to this practical problem in your final product: the graduation report. Once having concluded this final part of the study programme, you are rewarded with the internationally recognized degree Bachelor of Science.

  • Curriculum


    Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
    Project I: Warehouse & Materials Handling Project II: Transport & Distribution Project III: Production & Logistics Project IV: Integral Logistics
    Logistics Bootcamp Distribution I
    Warehousing I Distribution II
    Warehousing II Distribution III
    Tools I Tools II
    Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8
    Internship Minor, e.g. Study Abroad Project V: Supply Chain Management Internship + Bachelor Thesis
    Supply Chain Management
  • Projects

    In the first semester you work on a project, for a service provider, who takes care of warehousing and product handling for a drink producer. The current performance of the service provider is bad, and in in order to not lose its client (the drink producer), your project group needs to come up with improvement suggestions. Halfway through and at the end of the project you deliver results by means of a report and a presentation. Moreover, you present your final results to the public in Venlo’s local theatre. The latter gives you a great opportunity to already start building up your professional network!

    In semesters 3 and 4 your group needs to approach a (production) company, and research a problem within the company. It is up to the students to formulate a research question which helps them locating and analysing the problem, and thereafter determine what the causes of these problems are, in order to come up with improvement suggestions to the company. This research will help you to prepare for your next big project: your internship.

    Executing the project within a company gives and extra boost to your CV. You are capable of managing your own project, communicating with your “customer” and leading this project to a success. Future employers highly appreciate your work experience.

  • Accreditation of this programme
  • Partner companies

    During your study programme you have contact with companies on multiple occasions.

    • You have projects in cooperation with companies,
    • You visit different companies,
    • You have the opportunity to network with companies during our career day,
    • And you have both your work placement and graduation placement at companies.

    Fontys Venlo has cooperation with many large, medium-sized and small companies. The overview below shows a few of the companies we cooperate with.

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    Ambience photo Fontys
  • International opportunities

    Logistics students have a number of possibilities to broaden their cultural horizon. Students can participate in internationalization at home and short term activities with our strategic partners:

    • Participate in one- week excursions to Denmark, Finland, Germany or Spain where you meet students from different countries and where you together with them in international project teams. You’ll receive a certification you can add to your CV.
    • Virtual Student Exchange: Meet students of Waynestate University Detroit online. Prepare and execute an interview to exchange information about (business)culture, education system, cultural do’s and don’t’s.
    • Be part of the team which participates in the General Motors Supply Chain Competition. Travel to the US and compete against 24 other int. teams.
    Ambience photo Fontys

    Every year students from the Logistics program are invited to the General Motors Supply Chain Competition by Wayne State University, one of our partner universities in the US. Usually the competition takes place in Detroit. This year the competition took place remotely. Our team competed against 24 other international teams, presenting online to a jury from General Motors and GM suppliers. We’re proud of Raluca Matei from Romania, Tho Pham from Vietnam, Maksims Melniks from Latvia and Aziz Al Kathairi from Oman.

    Off campus, students have the opportunity to gather international experience too. During the third year of your studies you have the opportunity to specialise by means of a minor programme. You can choose to do this minor at Fontys, at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands, or at one of our partner universities all over the world. Doing your minor abroad at one of our partner universities allows you to acquire further language skills and experience a new culture.

    The map below shows the partner universities of Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences. The red pins are the universities you get to choose from in this programme.