Testimonial Tico Janssen

Name: Tico Janssen
Study programme:
 Logistics Engineering 
Graduation year:
Current position: 
Logistics Engineer

Once I had finished my secondary education, I worked for a logistics service provider for a year. It was here that I discovered that I loved the world of logistics. Having looked at the various courses on offer in this field, the Logistics and Economics programme in Venlo was the one that best matched up to my expectations.

The work on the course was primarily carried out in groups, which meant that as students we were given a lot of freedom and responsibility. I very much enjoyed working in this way and found it be very valuable. This is because you soon discover what the advantages and disadvantages of working in a group are as you have to deal with all the different personalities of the group members. The lecturers supervise the groups and provide the basic theory required. The project work, in particular, was extremely interesting as this was always based on real-life situations.

After graduation I started working for the same logistics service provider I had been at while working on my graduation research. I worked there as a Logistics Controller for 18 months. At the moment I am working as a Logistics Engineer for a manufacturing company and I am responsible for the logistics in two factories. I have been able to use the experience gained during my studies in both of these jobs. In addition to working, I am also completing a course in Management Studies at the moment and the course in Venlo also turned out to provide the right basis for this study. This confirms that in choosing the Logistics and Economics course in Venlo, I made the right decision.