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Logistics Management - International Fresh Business Management

Programme in brief

So let’s think of the meal that you like to eat most. Have you ever thought about how this meal got on your plate? To find fresh products in today’s supermarkets is regarded as absolutely normal. But how do they find their way to your shopping basket? How are these products produced, packed, traded, transported and sold? Who ‘develops’ new food concepts? And, very important, how is it guaranteed that everything is in good condition, healthy and ‘value for money’? Answering these questions and many more, is what you learn about in our study programme International Fresh Business Management.

Content of the programme

Within the programme you learn for example which logistical processes a tomato went through from being a seed to ending up on your pizza (including organization, transport planning and packaging). Moreover, you learn how to market fresh goods. This would mean for instance, that you’ll learn to do market research on newly developed tomatoes (is the customer interested in buying this tomato? Does he like the taste of the tomato?). These are some examples of the questions you’ll be working on during this study programme.

What to expect from us

Within our study programme you’ll be taught in small classes, where the lecturer will know you. Besides regular classes you will do different researches, presentations and work on projects. Many of these tasks will be in direct relation to companies in the fresh produce (e.g. food and flower products) sector. In this way you'll get a real taste of this area. The study programme is actually set up in such a way, that by visiting different companies you get to experience how products are produced and how they answer your need as a customer, because in the end that is what it is all about: the person who is consuming the product!

What do we expect from you

Are you curious about how food gets on your plate, or why tomatoes from the Netherlands are for example sold in Bulgaria? Then we are looking for you! We are looking for enthusiastic and curious students which have an affinity with both the fresh produce and the logistics sector. Moreover, you need to be open minded and like to meet other students. We expect you to take responsibility and to be a positive example to others. Of course you need to have a sufficient level of English too when wanting to start in our study programme, as you will work together with students from different nationalities.





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Language of study


The Fontys way of studying

“The Fontys way of studying” is likely different from studying in your home country. We expect students to not merely study from books, but we expect them to look for solutions to problems themselves (which we call Problem Based Learning). This also means that lecturers expect you to actively participate during discussions. Moreover, you’ll need to write reports, solve problems in groups, conduct research and learn how to present solutions. This could mean that you have to adapt to the local culture, as this is likely different than what you are used to. Our approach does require some responsibility and initiative from your side. Nevertheless, in the end you’ll see that this approach prepares you very well for the job market after your studies.

Why study at Fontys?

We offer education which prepares you for the job market. We do so by staying in constant contact with the working field. While teaching we provide you with the required theory, consequently we will ask you to implement this theory into practice by means of different projects, such as writing a business plan. We do so, since you’ll need to put your knowledge into practice too when you’re ready with your studies. Special about studying at Fontys and appreciated by students is our open door policy. This means that it is easy for you to ask lecturers questions and ask for their feedback.

Career prospects

After your studies the world of Fresh Business will be open to you. Jobs our graduates work in:

  • Product Developer
  • Quality Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Value Chain Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Account Manager 

      Additionally, you can top-up your bachelor with a master’s degree. A master’s degree allows you to pursue your interests in more depth and to expand your network.

      Study costs and living expenses

      EU/EEA students
      €1,084 (year 1)
      €2,168* (years 2, 3 and 4) 

      Non-EU/EEA students
      €8,150* per year

      *Tuition fees will increase with about 7% annually. Costs for books and readers are not included. These tuition rates are without engagement.

      Monthly living expenses
      Accommodation: €430
      Food: €200
      Other costs: €150
      Visa costs: €315 annually (if needed)
      All-in insurance (optional): €442 (annually)

      Every EU/EEA bachelor student can get a loan to pay its tuition fees. EEA/EU students that work next to their studies are entitled to further loans. More information can be found on   

      Admission requirements

      As a prospective bachelor's student you must have a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to Dutch standards. Some equivalent international diplomas are the senior high school diploma GCE, British GCE A-levels, or the French Baccalaureat. Nevertheless, since every country has its own school system we will check your diploma once we have received it from you. For the language requirements please refer to

      Open days

      We organise several open days throughout the year. On this day you can visit the campus, meet lecturers, and learn about the different study programmes. They are organized on the following dates:

      • Saturday 16th of November 2019
      • Sunday 19th of January 2020
      • Saturday 21st of March 2020


      Fontys Venlo has enough places to accommodate all its international students if they meet the application date: 15th of June. It is one of the few Dutch universities with own student dormitories. The 3 dormitories are ideally located between the city center and the university. All rooms are furnished. Additionally, Fontys has good contacts with several landlords that offer furnished student rooms in Venlo.